100 Math Ideas for the 100th Day of School (2024)

There are more than enough ideas in this list to make your 100th day special. Pick a few of the following 100 math ideas for your 100th day of school and have fun!

Celebrating the 100th day of school just begs for fun, engaging, out of the box math activities. I mean, it’s the number 100! You can count things, explore, estimate, read good books, and so on and so on. Whenever you reach this momentous day with your kiddos, celebrate by taking a break from your normal, everyday math routine and explore the number 100 in 100 different ways! Ok, maybe don’t try all 100 at once, but you’re bound to find at least a few fun ideas in this list. 😉 Read on for 100 math ideas for the 100th day of school for grades K-5.

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Counting to 100 on the 100th Day of School:

100 objects to count to 100: Need help thinking of objects to count for this fun day? This post is so full of ideas, you’re bound to find something you haven’t thought of.

Make a “Count to 100” book: Use the objects from the post above to create a cute book of all the counting you did.

Make a counting maze: This is a fun, get up and move activity that kids will love!

Go on a counting walk: This is another great way to get up and move. Go on a walk and challenge kids to find 100 of something! 100 leaves? 100 rocks? They’ll likely have tons of ideas.

Sing and Dance to 100: Find a fun, catchy song on YouTube to sing and dance your way to 100. Try this song from Kiboomers or this song from GPA Learn.

Count to 100, divide 100 and more: This post includes a variety of fun 100th day activities and fun suggestions (find the download at the end of the post)

Have a number hunt with magazines: Grab a large stack of magazines and challenge kids to find the numbers 1-100 and then glue them in order (you’ll likely want to have them in small groups or complete it as a class).

Number line race: Play this number line race to 100 instead of to 20.

Make a hundreds chart in your driveway to practice counting and skip counting.

Make a “100 Looks Like…” display: Have each child count out 100 of one object. This could be 100 pennies, 100 cotton balls, 100 beans, etc. Then place each collection in a plastic bag and compare!

Add to 100 printable game: This fun game will help kids practice counting on and adding, all the way to 100.

Play games with a hundred chart: This post from Miss Giraffe includes some fun ways to challenge kids with a hundreds chart. I especially like the “race to 100” idea. Partner kids up and give them a blank hundreds chart. They then take turns filling it in (I write 1, partner writes 2, I write 3, etc.) The first group to get to 100 wins!

Build a LEGO hundreds chart: This would be a fun activity, then you can use it to practice counting games!

Play Chutes and Ladders: This game IS a hundred’s chart and can provide lots of opportunities for counting, adding and subtracting within 100!

Count to 100 basketball game: This simple printable is a fun way to combine math with Skittles! (One of our favorite ways to do math)

Paper bag challenge: Count 100 things for a fun paper bag challenge.

Hundreds Chart Puzzle: Cut up a hundreds chart into a fun jigsaw puzzle to work on counting and number recognition.

Make a Counting Puzzle: Or grab some blank 120 piece puzzles and number each piece 1-120 and let kids put it together by counting in order. You could even put kids in groups to let them work on different sets of numbers, then put it all together at the end.

Make a sticky hundreds chart: This is a fun way to practice number recognition and counting! This is especially great for younger kiddos who want to celebrate too.

More Math with a Hundreds Chart:

It’s the 100th day of school, so take time to learn whatever you happen to be working on using a hundreds chart! Here are lots of ideas to get you started.

Print a variety of hundreds charts here.

Hidden picture addition: These pages require solving single digit addition problems in order to find the hidden pictures in the hundreds chart.

Explore patterns: Coloring multiples in the hundreds chart is a great way for kids to explore numbers and patterns. This post from Buggy and Buddy includes a cute printable book to do just that!

Mystery letters in the hundreds chart: Combine math and literacy with these fun ‘mystery letters pages.’

Play Hundreds Chart Nim: Simple game to practice addition and subtraction and build logical reasoning skills.

Play Euclid’s Game: Use a hundreds chart to play this game. Work on subtraction, mental math and number patterns.

Practice counting coins: Use a hundreds chart as a tool to practice counting coins.

Quick counting activities: This post lists 30+ quick ideas for counting to 100, and many are interdisciplinary, too!

Practice Skip Counting and Multiplication:

Make arrays with 100 objects: Challenge kids to figure out how many different arrays they can make with 100. Use a checkers board or other grid for hands on math fun.

Play skip count hopscotch: Skip count to 100 with this fun twist on a classic game!

Jump to 100: This fun and simple activity will get kids moving and counting by 10s. You could also adjust this to count by 5s.

Visualize skip counting with bottle caps and beads: This fun, hands on activity will show kids what 100 looks like and is a fun way to practice skip counting.

Create a skip count chain link: Create paper chains of different colors with ten in each chain. Then combine all ten chains to skip count by 10s all the way to 100. (See this post for how to make a paper chain)

Count by 10s with water beads: This simple activity can be used to count, skip count, sort and more. Kids will love playing with the squishy water beads!

Skip counting store: This is such a fun way to practice counting coins and skip counting by tens at the same time!

Count by 10s with The Cat in the Hat: This crafty game is easy to set up and would be a fun and unique way to practice counting by 10s.

LEGO Duplo Puzzle: Practice skip counting with LEGO to create a simple puzzle like these. Just write your own numbers on the bricks to count by 5s or 10s to 100.

Make a count by 10s necklace: This is such a cute idea, and makes a fun visual and tasty snack!

Skip count cut and paste: This cute freebie is a quick and low-prep way to count by 10s.

Estimation and Measurement:

100th Day Estimation Challenge: This simple activity will give your kids practice with estimation, counting and get them moving at the same time!

Measure objects: have each child choose an object to measure. Then calculate the length or height of 100 of those objects.

Measurement investigations: This cute printable pack includes a variety of measurement challenges for the 100th day.

100th Day STEM Ideas:

Have a 100 cups challenge: challenge kids to create a structure with 100 cups. Then see who can build the highest, strongest, etc.

Make a “100” LEGO structure: Challenge kids to create their own LEGO design with exactly 100 bricks. Then count, measure, graph and more.

Make a “100” pattern block design: Students create a design out of 100 pattern blocks, then explore the math behind it (including fractions, decimals and percents)

Math+Art Ideas:

Let kids get crafty with the number 100! Try one of these fun activities.

Create a picture out of the digits 1 0 0: This post has some cute examples, and tons of other fun ideas and cute 100th day crafts.

Create a gumball machine: Use a paper plate to make a gumball machine. Then let kids add fingerprints of different colors (or use do-a-dot markers) until they have 100 “gumballs”! If you have enough paint, you could do 10 of 10 different colors and practice skip counting by 10s.

Paint a rainbow: Adjust this activity to include factors from 1-100 to paint a rainbow of factors. This would be a fun hands-on idea for older kids.

Paint 100 colors and other fun ideas: This post includes tons of fun and adorable art ideas (which you could adapt to include counting to 100)

Create a 100 things board: Glue, tape and design a board displaying 100 of your favorite things, colors, etc.

Create a 100-eyed monster: Kids will love counting to 100 as they create their own monster with 100 googly eyes!

Combine Math and Reading:

There are so many fun books about counting to 100, or the 100th day of school! I bet this would be a great way to change things up and explore math in a different way.

Curious George Learns to Count from 1 to 100 by H.A. Rey

Let’s Count to 100! by Masayuki Sebe

100 Snowmen by Jen Arena

Centipede’s 100 Shoes by Tony Ross

I’ll Teach My Dog 100 Words by P.D. Eastman (learn math and vocabulary!)

The Night Before the 100th Day of School by Natasha Wing

Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day by Joseph Slate

100th Day Worries by Margery Cuyler

100 Days of School by Trudy Harris (counting to 100 various ways)

100 Days of Cool by Stuart Murphy (a Math Start book)

One Hundred Hungry Ants by Elinor Pinczes (multiplication to 100)

Printable Math Ideas for the 100th Day of School:

“Make 100” Games: This set includes number sense building games as kids practice finding ways to make 100. Use a deck of cards, dice or print the low-prep “make 100” worksheets.

Graphing and probability: This cute set of freebies is a fun way to practice counting, graphing, and introduce chance with coin flipping.

Number scavenger hunt: This is a simple way to get kids up and moving.

Skip counting puzzles: Count by 10s as you put together these 100th day puzzles.

More skip counting puzzles: Here’s another cute set of puzzles to skip count by 10s to 100.

100th Day coloring worksheet: Combine counting, coloring and addition with this simple printable.

Math and Literacy Pack: This freebie includes math and reading activities for your 100th day.

100th day counting stations: This fun activity has kids count to ten ten different ways at ten different stations to get to 100.

100 seconds activity: How many times can you clap your hands in 100 seconds? And other fun explorations.

100 pizza toppings: Count and add with this fun, pizza themed printable.

100 pizza toppings game: Here’s another fun pizza game. Kids roll a die to put “pepperoni” on the pizzas until they reach 100.

Paint with q-tips to count to 100: This simple printable helps kids visualize 100 and count by 10s.

Fun activities with 100 pennies: This includes some great challenges such as find the weight of 100 pennies, stack 100 pennies, etc.

More fun with money: This page asks kids to figure out what $100 is equivalent to.

Fill in the missing numbers: This freebie includes several activities, including a hundreds chart with numbers missing.

Upper elementary printable: This simple page includes problems and questions for older kiddos.

Racing back from 100 game: Practice subtraction with this fun game!

Race to 100 place value game: Increase your students’ understanding of place value with this simple printable game.

Even or odd color by number: Color based on even or odd to reveal the hidden picture.

Pirate themed number sense game: Play this game to work on number recognition within 100 and increase number sense.

100th day shape graph: Simple printable page to practice counting and graphing.

100th day fraction worksheet: Representing fractions on number lines.

Roll and tally game: Simple game to practice counting, predicting and making tallies.

Count and write to 100: This download includes several hundreds charts to count and write to 100.

1,000 day math pack (5th grade): The 100th day in 5th grade is actually the 1,000th day! If you teach 5th grade, celebrate this fun milestone with these free pages from Meredith Anderson.

100th day addition and subtraction games: This includes a few fun games to practice adding and subtracting.

‘Make 100’ challenge cards: These unique “100” challenge cards will help kids practice basic skills in a fun way. Can you find a way to make 100?

100th day counting pack: This freebie includes several fun ways to practice counting and writing the numbers 1-100.

100 bean flip: Practice making ten and counting to 100 with this fun game!

100th day printable pack: This includes several different activities, including counting by 2s and 10s.

10+ MORE printable math ideas: This post includes 10+ printable math activities for K-5 students.

And if this list wasn’t exhaustive enough, find 100 more ways to have fun with math over at Planet Smarty Pants!

I hope you found some great math ideas for the 100th day of school, and be sure to share in the comments what fun math activities you did to celebrate 100 days of school this year! 🙂

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