BRAND NEW 2023 Can Am Maverick Sport XRC Review and Trail Test!! GIVEAWAY VIDEO 3!! (2023)


Andrew visits the D3 compound to show us his new Can Am Maverick Sport XRC. We go through many specs and do a little testing with it.

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Oh so stylish do that again, oh so stylish so Andrew, we've converted you've probably seen him before that face that big Jeep over here.

Yeah, he he broke that on the uh at the birthday, yeah, birthday trip.

So, but we've converted another one he's tried to lie to us and say that he had no money.

And then he just showed up today with this I don't know, that's so weird, this guy's brand new brand, new it's, got brand new it's, got how many miles just loaded it on the trailer it's even got the little tags, oh 1942 because I did a lap around here.

It's got the tag still this puppy's brand spank in 2023 or 2023, 23.

I, like the colors on it RC or sport, xrc sport, Maverick sport, xrc trip, Maverick, Trail, yeah, Maverick sport, drills, I'm.

Never gonna get this right? There's, too many words.

But yes, we've converted another one.

So now we have two Can-Ams, which is pretty sweet just a little one, but I think it'll do the job tell us the things that Drew you to this of all the different ones on there, because a lot of people don't have one of these.

So what are some things that are really good about it? So the main attraction was the Jeep is wide as hell 92 inches wide on 42s, I hit everything.

It weighs like 6, 700 pounds.

We go out with the side by side, I'm clear, cutting the sides of trails for everyone.

It gets comically bad.

Sometimes so I wanted something that was much more narrow.

So this was a 64 inch wide.

So I could fit between things I'm, not hitting trees.

I'm, not losing my mirrors, I'm not losing body armor off the Jeep you're kind of like a sweet spot like you're, not wide like the X3 like 72 wide, but you're, not super narrow like a 60 or like a even small now like an ATV.


So it's kind of like the Cowie, but a little bit skinnier.

Yeah, the cow is what 68 68.

Yeah, okay, it's a bit of a hybrid.

So I can fit places I'm, not smashing off all the time and damaging Parts.

There language, Andrew, sorry, you put the bumpers full doors, which is really nice with the sport, or the trails I think the Trail's the same this Trail and Sport all have actual door.



The other KN Mavericks, it's, the rope that you have to pull in there.

Yeah, the actual full enclosed doors.

The X3 is kind of this weird half door hybrid.

And then you have to buy the bottoms.

Yeah, that's silly.

So it's, even got seals like a rubber, yeah, it's like weather.


Yeah, that's.

Quite nice.


Get like the point is like if you're in a much warmer climate or a Sandy climate.

It makes more sense.

But up here.

We have so much mud so much dirt we're just running trails.


It just gets so sloppy kind of some enclosure.

We do have a bunch of rock like the Canadian Shield so up, North, uh, Northern, Ontario.

We do a lot of granite like slab, Rock and there's some mud at the bottom of the climbs and then smooth rocks.

So the rock crawling does make sense like you don't need the the mud model that they make with the snorkels and the paddle tires because we're not sitting in mud all day, it's, a not like it's, a mixed train.


That is the purpose.

Okay? And how big are the uh, the tires on this I think they're little 30 inches.

Yeah, that's.

Okay, 30 inch, eight, ply, though so they're, pretty tough.

But these aren't a bead lock.

So you don't get a bead lock with this like that that is kind of silly on a rock crawling Edition.

You'd think it'd come with a bead lock, but gunmetal gray with metallics nice, the flake they are air they're aired up by the dealer they're, still, pretty low.

You get some give on it.

So a little bit we're just airing down to like two pieces.

I think, the sticker that we tore off in the back said, 20 and the lowest you should put it to is 14., and they are a Maxis like I, I, love Maxi's tires from the racing scene.

And everything I would not be afraid to run these tires, I'm, pretty confident they're, not going to work good in the muck at all they're going to fill up and be smooth, but on regular Trails, all the birthday hats for Andrew, but on the Rock and on the regular Trail they're, soft like look at how much I can Flex tread on it that's, a soft tire.

So they're gonna they're gonna work.

Now we've got Maxes on both of the rigs.

Now like Maxis is a top contender in my opinion, all vehicles and it's got what are these shocks? They got Fox threes.

You can see on the back, but they're only I might not be able to see that position, clicker and they're.

A 5 8 shaft up front and there's 7, 8 shaft in the back.

So the back has a bigger resi and it's, a two and a half inch shock body.

Yeah, I think this is silly the exhaust pointing right at your shock it's like so close like literally when it fires I can see the water.

Yeah, off of It from the exhaust we're gonna have to do some Shock rebuilds here.

One of the yeah, we need to tune I went for a drive with him just up the driveway.

And it was rough.

Yeah, um, like if this is this is on one that's as soft as it.

It doesn't, even move.

Oh I can't, pull in the plastic.

Yeah, like that it's stiff, yeah.

So as you can see by size, it is a little bit smaller than the Cowie I'm talking about shocks and suspension, it's a arms front and rear.

Oh, yeah.

A lot of the other machines like ours, cowies they're trailing arm, yeah, with a much larger shock.

So look at that, the length is a 14 inch coilover where this is an eight inch coilover.

So what's, the travel on it.

Do you remember the specs hell? We can always we can always like pop them in the video.

Yeah, we can add them in yeah, what's.

Yeah, it's, 14 inches.


The clearance I think clearance is forcing isn't it.

It looks about the same as the Cali, but it hasn't sagged at all yet right.


It's about the same and it's, a single rate spring.

So when coilovers like on those machines, they have a coil slider, an isolator it's, a plastic piece and there's.

Another set of rings that are below and there's, two Springs, the isolator separating them.

So you have a dual rate, and you get on the stiffer spring as it compresses this being a small shock package.

You only have one spring, one spring rate.

So your only adjustment when tuning it is just in the valving.

You don't have two Springs to play with and the crossover ring to adjust as you get through the travel to stiffen it up to avoid bottoming out it's going to be a linear spring rate, the whole time on one spring, okay.

So it's way more catered to a trail, riding where a machine like this, or even like the lower base models come with the bigger.

Shock package in the trailing arm.

So it has more tunability in the suspension to be able to go more aggressively on like whoops and jumps where this is really catered to just trail.

Riding yeah, it's gonna be sweet on the trails, though I think I'm excited to see what it does.

I'm curious to see what's like, yeah, so much smaller than what I'm used to.


So with this you could get if you feel like deadlifting.

So with these shocks, you could get a like a spring.

And then valving is the only yeah.

So you can change this spring out for a stiffer or softer spring.

So depending on how I don't think you want to go stiffer.

Well, you might you know what that is important it sags down.

You can only address preload so much.

Then you have to go to a stiffer spring, because you only want a Max of an inch and a half two inches of preload one inch to one and a half.

If it requires more to achieve the ride height.

We go to a stiffer spring, then we'll, put the right preload, the k, m, offers like 350 plus accessories.

So you can load this up with a lot of weight so you're getting 333 of them.

This is going to be a billboard for Can-Am.

Shortly yes, you might have extend the trailer to put both of them on there.

So that that's, yeah, maybe so that's really cool with the suspension and the differences.

But what else does it have? We can't just has the bumpers front rear bumpers.

So this is Factory, you didn't have to add this.

It comes.

This is part of the package, but that you purchased separately.

The only thing separate was the the roof with the dealer cut through them for a good deal.

Yeah, but it doesn't come with it.

No you have to buy it.

Oh, it has a rear view.


Yeah, uh.

Winch is all part of the package I do like the bumper on this I always thought that was kind of cool it's.

Just it looks like it bits.

It kind of looks like an extension of the cage.

One of the main parts for the rock crawling specific.

One is the whole Underside is that heavy duty, plastic, yeah, it's like the H I like the robotic well with all the spiders.

Yeah, we discovered already that you can push this thing back over with your thumb.

So we're, good, yeah, you gotta get those sway bars off.

Yeah, yeah.

But yeah, it's cool I like it.

So there's, not a single mod to it done.


We've just been playing in the uh compound here, doing a little rock crawling and driving around getting some heat Cycles through the motor through the belt through the diffs he's got to do all this braking on us.

So we just let it sit go for a rip let it sit.

Yeah, that's really cool.

What about the inside Andrew what's all what's going on on the inside? The seats compared to our friends X3 are quite a bit different they're like real nice, like gel foam, they're, pretty cushy.

Actually, yeah.

They've got really good low back support.

Our like comparisons appear a piece of bar set pretty high because for everything we have now is pure Peaks.

You have both KR X's are PRP being a prpg, there's, literally, pure piece seats sitting all over the shop.

So, yeah, these aren't bad for stock, basic seats.

Yeah, don't need to throw any money at those yet, no.

And it has a harness bar and the harness holes.

So you could just throw some harnesses in you get real door, handles with rear actual rear door and it's real doors so hard to say, real, real, I have another one there's, no storage behind the scenes No.

So the seats are, but yeah, you're right against us like the seats are literally designed to fit against it.

So if you go look at the Cowie there's, 10 inches of room, yeah, behind the seat.

Even with this seat, even with this seat, all the way back there's, still lots of room.

So you can store your extra clothes and stuff and there's only two cup holders in this thing and they're low and they're low like putting anything in this where's our beer.

We need a demonstration beer.

Oh, you mean, it's, a demonstration beverage it's, that's, not good at all I mean, that is a skinny can clearly I didn't.

Think people drink on the trail like I'm, not allowed to do that.

Yeah, this storage is sweet, deep storage like another goggles.

It comes with a little tool kit full tool kit tool.

So not too too bad.

You got storage above the driver's side's got the little storage, sunglasses cell phone fits in there, pretty nice there's a lot of pre-cut ants for a lot of the accessories, which is pretty cool and there's somewhere up.

This is a ready for a switch.

Pod, yeah.

You can put switch it up here.

This part I believe, it's, really like okay, this for one of these cuts out and bolts in.

But you can get the whole roof.

Air distribution system.

I think it's called, oh, is it like a vent? Yeah, it's.

A whole like vent like cool, cowling system, neat it's kind of cool.

But we've seen how we get on the trail.

Yeah, I.

Don't, blow it right out air, pumpers better.

I mean, if I knew someone who makes filters, you probably have something in stock though to work, yeah, yeah, it's it's endless the amount of options you get.

Yeah, light switches over here.

You get a winch over here.

This has the um, the front diff lock and it's.

What was what are you guys calling it? Smart? Lock, Smart, Lock, yeah.

So you get four by four it's like instant, uh, yeah, you're a rock.


You can change you kind of hear the servos running.

Yeah, you got eco mode, which slows it down a bit takes the same as this like the pretty much all the BRP products.

Ecobo just takes all your throttle right here.

So it assumes less fuel.


And this is how you control the cluster.

Right? This guy right here.


So, yeah, that's all like up down left frame, change your screen or change the settings through there.

That's pretty cool.

Pretty nice pretty light.

Yeah, um I'm gonna have to give it a rip.


Our friends X3 is very stiff in comparison.

Unpredictable problems with that.

Shock therapies like it's like two fingers or three fingers really if it was if you were driving it, would it moves easily? Yeah, you're even just doing just doing.

Yeah, we'll have to get some in-cab, uh footage for you guys.

We're gonna have to do some comparisons here, I think next.

Now after we're done discussing everything we like and don't like we could do like, turning radius comparisons and flexing comparisons to compare the different machines because people who might be in the market for a strictly Trail machine.

This would be in their lineup of what they're looking at, but so would the Cowie.

And so with the Polaris, uh, XP or something like not the race top Pro R, but not the regular Polaris.


All three are Trail contenders.

So it's, nice to be able to give the viewers.

The comparisons, well, we don't like this about it.

But we do like that this one turns better than that one there's more stories.

This is actually the machine.

We were originally going to buy when we were looking at side by sides.

We had a deposit on one and uh, yeah.

It was a blue 2022, I think and uh, yeah.

We just uh.

We just decided to go for the krx.

It was the suspension and the size that's.

What it was like, yeah, that was trailing arm with 14-inch travel, shocks versus the little stuff being a suspension in race car.

Guys, that'll be more fun.

Yeah, yeah.

But this will definitely do What.

It's gotta do 100 I'm excited.

I think it's gonna be like a little billy goat, just climb up things.

Yeah, we just don't have anything to climb up right now.

Oh, we got stuff right up the jump cool.

And what was in here again, this little that's, the air filter that's, how you access the air filter.

So you have one air filter on this side.

And then one on the other pop in pull your cap off there.

That's, pretty sweet.

It's got a dipstick for the oil, which is cool, Breezy, pretty like easy access, though, yeah, the one thing I know, I just moved it for him to park it here beside the Cowie.

And the one thing that I did notice about, it was the clutching compared to the Cali it's kind of like the X3, but not quite as bad where just trying to pull it around the parking lot here.

It was very like so touchy on the throttle and so jerky to try and go slow.

It doesn't want to go slow I was in high range.

So maybe low would be better and I need more seat time.

But that's.

The first thing I noticed I yelled over like this thing is like touchy and jerky.

It doesn't just smooth take off because, yeah, it doesn't have the wet clutch inside.

So the primaries just grabbing and unloading and it's like it's weird.

Yeah, yeah, I don't know if I like that, but you can tune that too, yeah, change the weights change, the Springs, yep, sweet.

And then, yeah, you were saying storage back here is pretty good I was I was sitting back in here earlier if it would fit two medium-sized, humans comfortably, more or less.

If you wanted, if you wanted, yeah, just don't, go too fast.

You can check your coolant level.

That's, pretty cool handy there's, not some effort to make it serviceable, which is kind of nice.

Yeah, yeah.

It seems uh everything's built around their link, queue system there.

Oh, yes, the boxes and stuff that go in there it's like so you could pull I'm, pretty sure most of them are interchangeable.

So I could pull that off there and throw it like on the Sea-Doo or whatever.

So especially, and you can pull your CDs with it right in like a a liner that must be just because it was brand new that doesn't stay.

Yeah, that doesn't stay that's.

Just part of the manufacturing the bananas for your Challenger because that's two inch and that's, just like for manufacturing or something you can't, leave BRP made in Mexico.




Nice, little license plate, tucked in there Energy power sports in Oakville.

Go talk to Brad and Neil don't.

Look at the number though are these on they're like glowing it's like a diffused light around the outside that's neat, that's, nice, yeah, yeah, that's neat.

And this little that kind of reminds me of a trailer, a little bit it's, very utility like in the back, but it's kind of again, Best of Both Worlds, right? You kind of get at least a bit of a lip to put stuff here.

Yeah, I kind of wish that they made the back come out to match the width of the tire.

So you have more storage.

Yeah, they made that really small looking at it.

When you look at the size of the storage in the county, even with the subwoofer, yeah, with all this all the way through like imagine, if we didn't have the special edition with the stereo, we could fit almost a full 35 inch spare in there.

Yeah, I think that's.

The point one of the packages you get for the k-rex is the 35 spare sitting in there, yeah, that's.

Why your fronts or Corners are tapered too much.

This will never fit that.


They do make a whole cage that bolts on top of here.

Okay, spare on top.


And hydraulic assist things that flip up or is it just solid I think it's just Street solid like two bars to stick.

Okay? But you can also stick and it's.

Twelve hundred dollars, yeah, bend over.

But you can also get those like trunks for the back of here.

Yeah, yeah.

That's pretty cool.



Yeah, yeah.

It's pretty sweet.

Whatever you want I like that idea house, oh, sit in it and we'll show the Headroom, oh yes.


All this roll cage put your arms straight out.

You can chop a foot in foot out of this that's.

Something that's impressive.

You won't hit your head because your head's like to the top of the seat.

Yeah, it is a good sized seat.

Pull yourself on that's kind of nice.

Yeah, I, don't know, if that was intentional Maybe because how tall are you like six foot five, eleven something around there, five, eleven, three quarter.

So six foot so you're, not you're, not you're, not a really sharp man.

And you have a lot of room in there.

Yeah, a shocking amount of space.

Yeah, it's cool, especially for the Jeep.

The Jeep I'm only like, oh here, Mel you sitting there and let's see, you're, five, five, five, five, six, seven measured in a while you don't, even oh you're.

Both you got a longer shorter torso.

You just gotta slam it I didn't want to hurt it.

So, yeah, there is a ton of room even Andrew touched my knee when we went for a drive and he's like the dealer told me to watch, you you'll, touch your friends, you're, angry, I, don't want to touch you, yeah, it's tight in there, that's cool.

But yeah, you can see the seats like, um, I'm, not a massive person.

I'm, pretty average sized.

Woman, I think my shoulders all right.

So this is the flex text.

The flex test flesh learning Flex test, um we're, gonna do it with the sway bar attached first and then we're gonna take it off and see how much of a difference she makes this thing is a absolute monster.

You're gonna see what it can do it's gonna outperform anything you've ever seen a little billy goat.

You do this little rock this guy here or that little rock that one's even smaller, you can do this one don't roll.

It it's.

The first day let's, see the rock crawl, your front tires off the ground all right? So we got that tire lifted you can go up more.

You want more what you're showing us is a dozen Flex at all this shock.

Just moved we're off the ground on this tire.

Wanna try the other Rock.

Oh yeah, I'll, put it in rock mode.



That's about 10 inches.


All right back her up.

Try this rock.


Flop on me.

Come on baby.

Oh, get up there.

You had her go back up.


Go you're.

Good, yeah.

It doesn't Flex like maybe a quarter inch suspension.

You might move a quarter inch, you're, good.

We trying to roll it that's, good, yeah, it's like a teeter-talk.

Yeah, it's.

Pretty comfy in here.

All right.


Take the sway bars off and uh, see what happens? All right? We got the uh sway bar off.

There we'll test it again back to the Little Rock, all right? Nope.



First Little, Rock, first, wow, the tires stayed on the ground.

Go all the way up all the way a little bit more.

Yeah, that's better over it.

Come on Rock crop bruh.

Oh, the tire came off.

You only got about an inch more Flex, that's, I'd say, significantly better.

You don't feel it.

Yeah, all right upgrade to the medium.

Oh, the Tigers stayed on the ground.

Look at that.

Now it's rock crawling.

You just gotta take the sway bar links off.

We got rock mode on a fall by Fall.

Yeah, no tipping.

This time.

Yeah, play three wheel.

Come right up just rock crawling on our landscaping that's.

Our garden get up there.

Oh, you got it let's.

Go there.

You go all right tire came off on that one, but it's, not that bad that's as much as it was off on the small rocks before.

So yeah, still go up higher.

Yeah, yeah.

That's about the peak of it.

So you're, you're, three wheel in there, but it's not bad.

Now you can fix the gravel after get a rake out it's got like a little bit of flex.


Yeah, yeah.

That's not bad now we should grab the Cowie and compare keys are in it.

He was having a glass in behind us.

We're tireston, no tire lift good.

They are yeah, but completely different suspension in general so much.

Yeah, foreign what's.

Going on guys, I got my hood on because the Flies are just brutal out here.

So we're in our local gravel pit if you've watched our other videos, we put on YouTube.

We've been here a couple times and Andrew just got his first rip in on his brand, new Can-Am Maverick.

What is this a Maverick sport, xrc and um, just hit 50k he's got 50 kilometers on it and he's, absolutely loving it.

So we've all taken it for a rip there's Mel.

She just got out of it.

And our first impressions are the uh shock tune for the chatter like this rough little ruts and chops and rocks is very stiff, but on a big Geo like a big jump or a big hit it's, very plush for that.

Um, the throttle is super touchy, super responsive.

And the clutching seems really on point for the size of the tires.

It puts the power to the ground.

So now we're just going to compare back to back the Cowie to the Maverick Sport and give a like right away get out of one get in the other to really get a feel of the two to really help Andrew see the differences and see what he thinks about them back to back because it's one thing to uh, drive one.

And then a half an hour later or a week later or two weeks later, hopping, another one and compare it's one to go back to back and and see what you think, yeah, yeah, I think it's, pretty cool it's it's.

You feel like so comparing the Cowie to this I feel like in this, you are more on top of the vehicle and it's much shorter the front.

So you get like you see a lot more, um, yeah.

It just feels like your own in like a UFO, almost like you're in the center, it's weird.

Whereas that feels more like a car like you're set back into it where the Can-Am is even like, the X3 is even more than the Cowie.

Yeah, I get her like star back in it I like the visibility, too.

You feel much more aware of how big you are.

And it fits between all the little trails and trees and everything, yeah, throttle.

Responses, just stupid, it's, really touchy it's, really touchy.

Yeah, it's like they're, completely different.

And it grabs, and it goes like they consider both the krx.

And this sport in the same class of like a trail, rig, not a turboed race rig, and they are completely different machines.

They are not remotely the same in any way.

I don't think, oh we can we could drag race.

We could drag race.

Yeah, we got enough on the back I, got 35s and it's a little heavier I'm.

Curiously, so we'll, see, okay.

So they're gonna do a drag race here.

I'm gonna do the arm drop and they're both in four-wheel drive.


So the Can-Am is Factory.

And the Cowie is Factory on 35s.

Look how we lost by a little bit, but 35 inch tires.

Now 35s are a big difference.

So maybe it's the tires, no tune on that.

So you guys are really close, but you're on 35s and he's on factory tires.

And he was very slowly pulling away.

I think if you had the tune, you guys would be neck and neck.


So, yeah, you need it I.

Think you would need a soft krx to really compare.

Yeah, they're like for 35s.

It wasn't too hard.

You were right there.

You were right there.

Yours, bogged a bit taking off, or he did it and I think that's the tires.

Yeah, yeah.

We're just saying we think being the 35 is a no tune.

You were just barely ahead of her pulling away.

Slowly I think, it's that bit of grunt out of the whole smaller tires, other than that.

They're pretty much the same speed.

It was close I.

Think the weight in the tires make a huge difference.


If we put stock tires back on this, you'd probably neck and neck 100 all right guys.

So the sun's going down here, we're running out of daylight.

So we're gonna go, uh out that way and we're gonna run all the trails in the bush and then we're gonna head back to the D3 compound.

He's got his breaking down.

We've got a bunch of heat Cycles through it.

We got about 100 kilometers on it.

Now so we're gonna go see how it does in the bush and in the muck and that drag race was a good time.

We really think that they're pretty comparable in speed.

Now, just this has bigger tires, which are heavier.

So yeah, we're gonna go that way into the bush go check out the mud.

But this check out this ggb exhaust it's, getting nice color to it from the Heat stainless is looking good it's.


You ready to go in the bush.

Ready? Foreign foreign kind of sounded like it.

No your turn.

It looks pretty cool.

Driving I, don't know, if you can really see through the trees, good looks good just got a bunch of dust in the eyes.

You did good.

You could go faster, again, Gotta, Go, full throttle.

That was that was expected.

It was pretty smooth the faster you go.

The smoother it gets yeah.

Do it again, I didn't get to see do it again.

I was busy driving do it again that little golf cart.

Go it's, not bad for no like shock, tuning or anything out of the box.

It's, pretty decent.


The small chatter is really rough.

But the big hits are good.

Yeah, that's.

Not bad that's like try to go this way.

The jeep was like we're running out of battery here.

Well, no we have.

None left they're all dead everything's dead.

Oh, no, he's getting mud on it.

So yeah, that's, uh, Andrew's.

New toy you'll see him in a lot of videos with us.

Now, not just the Jeep he's gonna be the main character in all the videos.

So, yeah, you can follow his, uh, his experience with it and maybe we'll do a one-year review on it see what he said to it.

First all the ponies, yeah, don't, forget to like subscribe and comment, hashtag D3 for our hashtag D3 Fab for our rugged.

Radio I cannot speak.


Radio, giveaway, I.

Am, yes.

Do all those things see you later.


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Can-Am ATVs and side-by-side vehicles are manufactured by Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) a Canadian company. BRP owns manufacturing facilities in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Finland and Austria and its vehicles are distributed in over 100 countries by more than 4,000 dealers and distributors.

Which trim of Ford Maverick is best? ›

The Lariat is the best-equipped Maverick trim, adding standard equipment like 18-inch bright aluminum wheels, LED signature lighting, body-color door handles and mirror caps, and additional in-bed cubby storage. The Lariat includes Intelligent Access with push-button start.

What is the best Can-Am model? ›

Best All-Around: Outlander X XC

Can-Am themselves recognize this Outlander as their top-of-the-line model, perfect "for riders seeking ultimate all-around performance." It employs a 91-horsepower Rotax V-twin engine, Outlander DPS, and FOX 1.5 podium RC2 shocks for ultimate power, control, and comfort.

Which UTV has least problems? ›

The Most Reliable UTVs of 2021
  • Honda Pioneer 1000. Honda may not make the most cutting edge vehicles when it comes to power and performance, but nobody can best them when it comes to quality. ...
  • Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000. ...
  • Yamaha RMAX2 1000. ...
  • Honda Talon 1000. ...
  • Polaris RZR PRO XP.
Feb 24, 2021

Which is better Can-Am or Polaris side-by-side? ›

The Can-Am has a slightly larger engine at 999cc compared to the 976cc Polaris Ranger engine. Both are regarded as some of the sturdiest UTVs around, and this shines through in their engine performance. If you need to know you have the bigger engine, Can-Am is the way to go.

Is Can-Am Maverick better than Polaris RZR? ›

If you have a more conservative driving style and require higher safety performance during off-road rides, you may consider getting the RZR. Conversely, if you have an aggressive driving style and require higher driving experience and speed during the journey, the Can-Am will be a better choice for you.

How many miles to the gallon does a Can-Am Maverick get? ›

But before you write off the X3, ponder this: It usually averages 12 to 16 miles per gallon, depending on how much you like to step on the gas. With just a little more than ten gallons in the tank, you can see 100 miles of backcountry and still have enough gas to tow the vehicle to local trails.

What is the fastest Can-Am UTV? ›


How much is a Can-Am Maverick sport? ›

Suggested List PriceAverage Retail
Base Price$21,899$19,565
Options (Add)
Total Price$21,899$19,565
2 more rows

How much does a Can-Am Maverick Trail cost? ›

2022 Can-Am Maverick Trail Specs
Transmission:700: PDrive primary CVT w/ engine-braking, Electronic Drive Belt Protection, high/low range, reverse; park / 1000: Quick Response System (QRS) CVT w/ high-airflow ventilation, Electronic Drive Belt Protection, extra-low/high range, reverse; park
29 more rows
Jan 11, 2022

How much is a Maverick Trail? ›

$17,099. MSRP or Price does not include $845 in destination charges. Call Now! / mo.

Who makes the Maverick Trail and Sport? ›

CanAm Maverick Trail-Sport.

What is the difference between the 2023 XL and XLT? ›

The 2023 F-150 XL comes with 17-inch steel wheels. The XLT trim gives you aluminum wheels, a power-locking tailgate, heated and powered side mirrors, and foglights.

What is the difference between Maverick XL and XLT 2023? ›

Maverick XLT Trim

The XLT trim shares the same powertrain, transmission, and towing capacity as the XL variant; however, in addition to all the features included in the XL trim, it has a myriad of added luxury amenities that take it a notch above the XL trim.

Is the Ford Maverick built Ford Tough? ›

The all-new 2022 Maverick TM pickup starts with the Built Ford Tough® foundation of capability and durability and then adds versatility and value to appeal to a whole new truck audience.

Why Polaris is better than Can-Am? ›

For the riders who are looking to push the limits of their vehicles, the Polaris General suspension and differential has some clout. It has an additional inch of ground clearance and suspension travel over the Can-Am competition. This is handy in highly technical terrain.

What is the difference between Can-Am Maverick 64 and 72? ›

The 64-inch two-seater tries to do the most with the least, the narrower frame combined with 18 inches of suspension travel. The 72-inch-wide two-seater spreads its A-arms and adds 4 more inches of suspension travel. The Max, matching the 72′s width and suspension travel, makes room for two more occupants.

What is the best gas for Can-Am? ›

What type of gas should I put in my Can-Am Off-Road vehicle? Easy: unleaded gasoline, 91 octane. Technically, AKI (R+M)/2 octane rating of 91 (North America), or fuel with an RON octane rating of 95 (EU).

Which UTV is best for trails? ›

There may be one you like better at a given moment, but in the end, they are all loved equally.
  • Can-Am Commander MAX XT 1000R. ...
  • Yamaha R-MAX 1000 XT-R. ...
  • Honda Talon 1000R Fox Live Valve. ...
  • Polaris Ranger XP 1000. ...
  • Kawasaki Teryx KRX.
Mar 18, 2022

What is the best selling UTV? ›

The Best 2022 Utility UTV Side-by-Sides
  • Polaris Ranger XP 1000. The Polaris Ranger sold more than any other utility rig on the market in 2021. ...
  • 2022 Can-Am Defender HD10. ...
  • 2022 Kawasaki Mule Pro-DX Diesel. ...
  • 2022 Honda Pioneer 700 Deluxe. ...
  • 2022 John Deere Gator XUV835R.
Jul 27, 2022

What brand of UTV is the most reliable? ›

Yamaha has been a reliable name in the UTV market for years. The Yamaha Wolverine X2 is one of the most reliable models. A heavy-duty set of dual hydraulic disc brakes has a powerful engine that can reach up to 80 mph—sitting on 12-inch deadlock wheels for decent ground clearance.

Which Polaris is best for trail riding? ›

The 2022 Polaris Sportsman 570 is also worthy of a top trail riding pick. Its 44-hp powerplant doesn't offer much in the way of snap and thrill, but it is still a strong mill that offers a friendlier experience for more novice riders or just someone looking to spend less on a workhorse.

What is the fastest side-by-side 2023? ›

This 2023 Polaris RZR Pro R Special Edition Is a Wicked $50,000 UTV. With a 225 horsepower 2.0-liter inline-four engine and a special Troy Lee Designs livery, this side-by-side is one of the fastest vehicles over varied terrain.

What is the most dependable side-by-side UTV? ›

In the realm of side-by-sides, the Yamaha Viking is a standout as one of the most reliable models in the UTV market. It's a machine that's more likely to be ready for action than sitting in a repair shop. Its low-range capability is a gem, making challenging terrains a breeze.

What is the strongest UTV? ›

5 Most Powerful UTV Models on the Market
  1. Can-Am Maverick X3. Check it out on the Can-Am Official Website. ...
  2. Polaris RZR XP 4. Check it out at the official Polaris website. ...
  3. Intimidator GC1K. Check it out on Intimidator's official website. ...
  4. Polaris Ranger XP 1000. ...
  5. Arctic Cat Wildcat XX.

What is the most popular Polaris UTV? ›


This machine is more than just impressive, it's your go-to for all your off-road adventures, equipped with a formidable ProStar engine that delivers a pulse-racing 86 horsepower.

How often do you change the oil in a Can-Am Maverick? ›

Can-Am recommends changing the oil every 100 hours or 2,000 miles, whichever one comes first.

Which Maverick gets the best gas mileage? ›

Real-World Fuel Economy

By the trucks' trip computers, the hybrid returned 44.1 mpg, while the EcoBoost averaged 33.1 mpg. At-the-pump calculations were a little lower for both trucks: 41.5 mpg for the hybrid and 32.8 for the EcoBoost.

What does a side-by-side get for fuel mileage? ›

On average, UTVs have a fuel economy of about 20 miles per gallon. This is similar to most new ATVs, if not slightly more. This is also more than most large trucks. Meanwhile, a UTV also provides a lot more utility over other vehicles in getting a job done while often requiring less fuel.

Can-Am UTV break in? ›

Use low gear (if equipped) to break in a belt for 5 to 10 miles while alternating speeds and avoiding wide open throttle. If no low gear is accessible, go at a moderate speed while limiting reach for 50 miles.

Who makes Can-Am side-by-side engines? ›

Can-Am's products are manufactured by BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products). BRP is out of Valcourt, Quebec—so you can trust, at least, that the folks you'll be supporting with your purchase will be as polite as you could want. Jokes aside, BRP is a legit player in the vehicle industry.

What is new in the Can-Am X3 2023? ›

The 2023 Can-Am Maverick X3 DS Turbo UTV received many great upgrades including a +15 bump in horsepower, utilizes a new pDrive Primary Clutch and features a new Turbo Assembly, ECU and calibration and Turbo RR injectors.

Can a Can-Am Maverick fit in truck bed? ›

Can-Am's Maverick Trail is a slim rig at just 50 inches wide. This means that not only will it fit in most full-size pickup beds, it'll also squeeze through most gates in state parks. The Trail comes with manual steering and has a 650cc engine.

How much does it cost to wrap a Can-Am Maverick? ›

WD-MX3-006 - Can-am Maverick X3 UTV Wrap Kit Pricing Starts at $630.00 (EXTREME PLUS KIT SHOWN) Color Notice: Required Note: Unless your UTV's body color is black or grey, it is best to select a design that utilizes the color of your UTV.

What are the different models of Can-Am Maverick? ›

Maverick X3
  • Maverick X3.
  • All Types.
  • Commander.
  • Cruiser Touring.
  • Defender.
  • Defender Max.
  • Maverick Sport.
  • Maverick Trail.

Can you drive a Can-Am Maverick on the highway? ›

It is much more appealing to enjoy a ride on CAN-AM Maverick on public highways. But because of the jurisdiction restriction in many states, you can't drive it on public roads.

How fast does a Maverick Trail 700 go? ›

Type700: 55 hp ( 41 kW ), Rotax® 799.9 cc, V-twin, liquid cooled
Power SteeringN/A
Driving assistanceElectronic Hill Descent Control
Speed categoryUp to 60 km/h
38 more rows

How many miles does a Can-Am side-by-side last? ›

Depending on the brand and how it's treated, the average lifespan of a quad is 10,000 to 12,000 miles. If a quad is well maintained, it could last for over 20 years. Most vehicles start posing problems once they have covered 10,000 miles, but with a little attention and care, the life of an ATV can be a long one.

How fast does a Can-Am Maverick Trail 1000 go? ›

HOW FAST IS IT? It rips! The Maverick Trail has more than enough muscle to maintain a wickedly fast pace on tight trails. In open country, it can reach 70 mph.

Does the Maverick feel cheap? ›

Instead of soft-touch materials, leather, and other premium cabin features, the Maverick feels as cheap as its price.

Where is the Can-Am Maverick sport made? ›

Can-Am ATVs and side-by-side vehicles are manufactured by Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) a Canadian company. BRP owns manufacturing facilities in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Finland and Austria and its vehicles are distributed in over 100 countries by more than 4,000 dealers and distributors.

Where is the Maverick engine built? ›

The Maverick is manufactured at Ford's Hermosillo Assembly in Mexico alongside the Bronco Sport for both the North and South American auto markets. Production began on September 2, 2021.

How much horsepower does a Can-Am Maverick Trail have? ›

With up to 75 hp and enhanced comfort in an Ergo-Lok cockpit, the Maverick Trail will fit your needs.

What are the different types of Maverick? ›

All Types
  • All Types.
  • Commander.
  • Defender.
  • Defender Max.
  • Maverick Sport.
  • Maverick Trail.
  • Maverick X3.
  • Outlander.

What is a Maverick sport? ›

2023 CAN-AM MAVERICK SPORT DPS 1000R SPECIFICATIONS. Can-Am's 60-inch-wide Maverick Sport 1000R uses a more aggressive tune and exhaust system to produce 100-Hp from the 976cc V-twin. Maverick Sports join X3-like handling and ergonomics with a more nimble, compact platform that is perfect for tighter trails.

What are the different models of the Maverick? ›

The Maverick is available in three trim levels with the same designations as all Ford trucks: base (XL), mid-level (XLT), and top-tier (Lariat).

What is the difference between XL and XLT Maverick 2023? ›

The most apparent difference between the two variants is the 17-inch painted aluminum wheels that give the XLT trim a much more upscale and stylish appearance. Furthermore, the XLT variant gets power mirrors with integrated blind-spot monitoring instead of manual side mirrors.

What is the difference between XL and XLT Maverick? ›

The XLT trim will give a lot more luxury features, technology and style; adding ambient interior lighting, power front seats, faux-leather seats, heated steering wheel, heated seats, and dual-zone automatic climate control.

Which is better lariat or XLT Maverick? ›

XLT Specs. Perhaps the most distinguishing benefit of choosing the Maverick LARIAT trim over the XLT is your ability to customize your truck with additional features and available bundled feature packages that add more tech and more luxury to your driving experience.

What does RS mean on Can Am? ›

Can-Am. RS. The sister model to the DS, the RS is a desert spec that is designed for dunes instead of trails. This means bigger tires and a little more suspension travel, but it also means a wider wheelbase.

What is a Maverick cowboy? ›

The word means one who shuns custom, the lone wolf, one who blazes their own trail and is willing to go against the crowd, an independent thinker. Those are the more symbolic meanings of maverick, but most people know that the word's original meaning referred to unbranded cattle.

What is the Ford Maverick comparable to? ›

The all-new 2022 Ford Maverick is a pretty unique vehicle—a small pickup truck built on the same chassis as Ford's popular Escape and Bronco Sport compact SUVs. However, it does have a few rivals worth test-driving at the dealership, including the 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz and the Honda Ridgeline.

Can you turbo a Maverick sport? ›

Force Turbos pump fuel turbo system is designed specifically for all Can-Am Maverick Sport® units from 2018 - 2020. With a boost level of 5 psi and high-volume design, you are sure to get the additional horsepower you are looking for with minimal stress on the motor.

How can I make my Can-Am Maverick sport faster? ›

Increasing The Top Speed Of A Can-Am Maverick

Using a performance key is a good start, and if you bought your machine used, you'll want to check to see if the previous owner lowered the gearing in the trans, added a lift kit, or had bigger tires installed -- all of which will reduce your high-end top speed.

Is a Maverick a good or bad thing? ›

Despite the fact that they often do not fully utilize their talents effectively, mavericks tend to be the top performers in companies and within a business. Mavericks are those individuals who eagerly make business decisions that fly in the face of business-as-usual.

Why the Ford Maverick is the best? ›

Truly, the base Maverick is the star of the lineup. It comes equipped with a 2.5-liter hybrid drivetrain that offers up 162 hp and 155 lb-ft of torque. Those figures aren't going to blow anyone's doors off, but EPA fuel economy ratings of 40 mpg city, 33 mpg highway and 37 mpg combined makes it a compelling option.

Is Ford discontinuing the Maverick? ›

Since its launch for the 2022 model year, the Ford Maverick has easily been one of the most sought-after new vehicles on the planet – which is both a good and bad thing in some regards.

How many miles per gallon does a Ford Maverick get? ›

The EPA estimates that hybrid variants of the Maverick are good for 42 mpg city and 33 mpg highway; the nonhybrid is rated for 23 mpg city and 30 mpg highway with front-wheel drive and 22 mpg city and 29 mpg highway with all-wheel drive.

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