Can-am X3 Seat Adjustment - Made a HUGE difference (2023)


I hear a lot of people complain about the way their X3 seats sit. While so comfortable when in the seat the getting in and out was sometimes painful. I made a few adjustments to the driver side that have made a huge difference in the overall ride and getting in/out of the machine. I left the passenger seat alone as my wife liked the way her seat rode once in the machine. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments sections.

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All right guys, I want to make a, um a little video on showing you how a lot of people are complaining about, um, the seats on the x3 getting in and out of it, which is me also, um, the seats on the exterior are extremely comfortable.

Once you sit in it very comfortable getting in and out of it is well sometimes painful.

It sucks.

The reason is the way they've bolstered the seats they have bolstered the padding on here.

But they've put this side hard plastic piece kind of to support it.

And when you you can't just turn and slide out, that's, really really hurts your rear end of your leg or stuff like that.

So, um I'm going to kind of let, you know what I did to help that to make it a lot better, um, most dealers.

And I think from from factory, they come with the seats in this position, there's only two different positions that they you can put them in.

This is the up position in the front and the up position in the back.

The front has two holes, um with a bolt that goes through it to mount.

And then the back has a two inch spacer with that's on a stud in a nut.

So basically the up position in the front is in the top hole.

And the high position in the back is on top of the spacer.

The seat feet are on top of the spacer with the nut that's on under the spacers underneath it.

What that does though it keeps you kind of tilted back in the seat gives you that sports car like feel, which is very comfortable and makes you feel really safe, but getting in and out of it sucks.

So what I did, this is, uh, my wife sits here, she really likes that feel sitting kind of down in it and back, you know, reclining a little bit comfortable, um.

So she just kind of pulls up to try to get over this getting in and out.

She wants to kind of stay like that.

Um, I didn't like it.

So what I did is it will go on the other side.

First thing I did is I lowered the front of the seat? Okay, I took the bolt out of here and on that side.

And then I lowered it to the bottom hole.

What that does right off the bat is lowers the front of your seat.

And then that way you can kind of turn your leg and slide out and you're, not really hitting that that bad it's a lot easier.

I mean, it's a whole lot better before when I was going my my knee kept hitting this.

And if you have shorts on or whatnot, it just it sucks now you're kind of below it, and you just kind of roll and slide and get right out it doesn't hurt that bad.

What I didn't like about it is now I felt like I was kind of leaning forward with the spacer in the back.

So what you can do is you can take the spacer out unscrew.

Take the nut off take the spacer out let the seat go down, and then put the spacer on top of it and then the nut, but I didn't like it like that, because then you sit too far down in the machine and your visibility lowers.

And I just didn't like that it's already hard to see over the hood because it's got a long hood.

So what I did is I took the two inch spacer.

And first of all, I tried to cut it in half and make a one inch spacer.

So I put, um, basically, this is the two inch, spacer it's, just a piece of aluminum bar with a hole drilled in the middle.

I think that's a half inch hole.

I may I may be wrong or maybe just a little bit bigger than a half inch.

But um.

Anyway, I took cut it in half put the one on the bottom, put the seed on top of it in the back put this on top.

And then the nut drove it in west virginia like that one time ten times better, you still sit up a little bit, um, but you can get in and out of it.

You don't feel like you're down too low in the machine you can.

And you can still see pretty good unless you're cresting a hill or you're.

You know, if you crest a hill, I kept trying to pull up to see.

So what I did, I had a friend of mine that had some of this at his work.

And he cut me a piece, um, an inch and a half long.

So he got this exact thing instead of being one inch on the bottom, one inch on the top so you'll, he made an inch and a half, which believe it or not a half inch makes a big difference as far as sitting height.

So now I've got an inch and a half spacers under the bottom.

And then the nut on top, which gives you a little extra thread, but it's, not that bad see? You can see the gap between here where it tilts this it, leans the seat up just a little bit, but it doesn't feel like you're leaning forward.

It still gives you a little bit of lean back, but it helps with your sight lines.

You can see a little better over the hood, um, and it still rides seats feel really comfortable.

And the seating position is really good.

I like it.

So, um, anyway, I hope this helps so basically I'll let you get in here and kind of show where the spacers are I'm on each side of the rear seat.

You have two, um studs.

You just kind of lean the seat forward after you take those nuts off, um, you can get to the nuts with a socket.

And just flip the seat forward in the front, the seat bottom.

And you can put the socket down through there and take the nuts off.

And then you just lift the seat up.

Take the spacers out, try them all the way down in there.

If, you don't like that that's what I did kind of trial and error.

And I finally got to a place where I really like inch and a half spacers that way.

I still kind of sit up where I can see.

But the front is low, um.

And you can tell the difference.

Let me keep the seat back.

You can tell the difference between the factory seat with the seat up and the seat in the other position and mossy compared to hurters.

So I really like how you can get it that's that's, the best part and I'll show you like now you just kind of step in to get in it.

But when I see it and it's it's a lot more comfortable now, you know, I can just put my arm on here, I'm in a good position.

It is more upright, but I like that, compared to laying really way back and not being able to see as good so right now.

I can see pretty good over the hood and everything and it kind of drops my knee before when my knee was on here.

It was hitting that every time when I went to get out, and I'd have to kind of like scoot down and get out.

But now my normal sitting position.

I just kind of go right out and it's, not so painful getting in and out it's.

You just barely feel it a little bit.

So um, anyway guys.

This was helpful inch and a half spacer in the back or you can just cut if you want to take my word for it I'm about 5 11.

so this is a perfect seating position for me I like it um you can just cut the original spacers if you don't have access to making kind of a bar um or making it out of there just to have someone that is you can just cut the original spacers half inch off or maybe cut it to one inch and then you can add some flat.

Washers to kind of build it up a little bit just be sure to get the exact right size.

Flat, washers to kind of build it up and get it to where it's comfortable for you.

But right now inch and a half spacer under the bottom of the back and the seat on the bottom bolt hole in the front.

I was actually thinking about if that didn't work drilling another hole in this bracket in the center to maybe raise the seat up forward.

But I really like it in the bottom position getting getting in and out of so, um, hopefully this helps just kind of make it a little easier to get in and out of and make it a little more comfortable getting in and out of, but once you're in it it's awesome.

And the seats are freaking fantastic.

Um, compared to a lot of other machines out there, um, again, subscribe to our channel hit a like at the bottom.

If you want to, or if you have any questions, I'd be sure to have, you know, I'll, if I can answer them, I'll, just leave them in the comments section.

And until next time.


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