How to Trailer Your Dog with a Motorcycle?! (2023)


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I've been traveling with, uh, how many people are on our groups? Okay, I think there's.

Ten spiders we're all traveling together from south florida.

And the most excitement that we get is on a dog.

Trailer that has come with us two dog trailers actually.

So we've got cool bikes, there's, awesome.

So I'm here, with the saunders family, I'll make a movie here.

So we've got andrea and her husband scott, and they've been awesome to travel with and they're also here with their son josh and we're all here together from, um.

The group is miami spider riders and they're, awesome.

Every miami hook them up.

Look them up.

Anyway, let's get back to the dog.


This is this is so cool, um.

And if you're traveling with you, it could be a medium-sized dog to fit in here, right? Yeah, absolutely so a small to medium-sized dog.

And this goes right on to the back of the spider so I'm going to take the camera and I'm going to show you a little bit about this.

And then we'll interview the owners of this amazing, um, amazing dog, trailer.

And let me show you how it just hooks up, but you just use a regular hitch that comes with the bike is that right, that's, correct it's a regular hitch.

And so it comes on and just connects like a regular trailer.

It has the lights on the back.

Oh, look, how cute, hi look at the little noses.

So it has windows on each side, um.

And it has a little, um, we'll, put clean me.

This is a door.

Clean me.


So, um.

And then it has a what is a solar solar, a solar fan and another little exhaust there.

So it helps them stay cool in there during hot, riding what what's the brand that you guys have what's.

Your name bags, pet trailers, wags, wags, it's, just kind of thing to find them

Okay, I'll put the link below if anybody's interested in this, I have absolutely no affiliation I'm, just so I think it's just so cool to be able to travel with your little pets.

And how much does something like this go for outfitted in this way, uh is a little over six thousand dollars, plus the charge to deliver it whoo and uh, that's a lot of money.

But uh, you got, you know, you you people love their pets, it's like trapping with your children.

You want to make sure they're comfortable, um and can you buy it? You come.

She can buy used places too, right? Yes? As a matter of fact, we bought this one used.

We had one custom built about 15 years ago.

I had it paint matched to the bike.


Cool, um, did it exactly what we wanted? And with with the freight was about 7, 000, wow.

So this one we got for about half price used, but it lasts forever.

I would think once you buy one, you never need to buy another one.

You don't.

They last a very long time.

Can we? Um? Can you open it? So we can see take a look inside, oh, look, how cute now there's a little are they just mini poodles, hi that'd, be fun.

If one just put up my hand, clean off jasmine, and this is sunny, oh, hi.

Jasmine, hi.

Sonny they're cool, cute.

They look happy.

They look like they're dying to get out though, well, well, easy easy you like being with people they do.

So this is really cool.

So there's the fan that we the solar fan.

And it is padded in here, which it's kind of soft in here as well.

As you guys added this in just to make sure they don't bump their little heads on there.

Yes, um that's it's, just so cool.

Speaking of cool.

How do you know, it's cool enough when you're riding in the summer in like in in south florida, for example, well, we've actually used a camera that has a temperature sensor in it really, yeah, it's used for our camper.

We use it for everything, and it will actually send my cell phone and alert.

If the temperature gets too high, oh that's so smart, I didn't know you guys had that that's so great, because I was worried about that I'm, right, we're, riding behind.

You I'm thinking, man, it looks like it'd be so hot in there, but uh, but it's, not it's great.

And then when you're riding in the cold weather, you know, you put blankets in there, you bundle them up and you close the windows, you close, the vents and correct, you know, they'll still get air circulation.

You know, leave a little air going in there.

Yeah, um, that is so cool.

And you guys took you guys actually took the dogs on tail, the dragon right? They did they? How did that go? How did they like to tell the dragon? Well, we got to the end.

We checked on them.

Everything was good.

They didn't throw up.


They were no worse for the wear.

I would have loved to have seen, um a video of, um of them in the back that's.

What you're gonna do next time? I would love to pay for a camera, put it inside mount it.

And then do the taylor dragon and watch the dogs all over the place and like it'd be so funny, I'm sure they moved around a little bit that would have been a great video.

I'd like them bouncing around put like rubber on against the sides, pat it and have them bounce around that's, a good time, uh, but nice, no animal.

Cruelty, no animals were hurt in the making of this video, correct.


That's, very important, very important disclaimer.

We have ridden in trailers for years everywhere, that's, awesome.

I just love how, um all the all the work you did in here.

It's, you know, the little padding and everything you did in here to make it so comfy.

And you had room for a double bag of your stuff or their food and stuff.

No that's a no that's, a double bag of like a winter stuff.

But it also because it's they're, small, it's kind of kind of used padding so that again, they're not sloshing around all right, that's.

So cool all right.

And as far as the bike, pulling it, you don't even know, it's back there.

Yeah, that was my next question, yeah, great.

It trails the bike perfectly.

It doesn't sway around that's, awesome.

So it's, very stable.

Yes, I noticed it has a little kind of you know, little wheels.

Um, can you go? You know, I was behind you so are you behind me at one point? And we were going a little bit back safety, first speed limit, the whole way, uh, but you guys were easily going 70 miles an hour on these and no problem right, yeah? And it comes with a spare tire right? Well, spare tire is an option, but we always have it goes through a spare tire.

Just in case have you ever had to use a spare tire, no that's.

Good that's.


These wheels are really really good.

Uh, it's got a torsion axle in it.

So it camera's very well in the road.

It handles bumps very well.

I love it.

Oh, let me actually if you can come around the camera and that's, pretty cool the window.

So you can see out it's, actually, really cool.

I didn't realize the view out the window out there.

They can see so much and it's really cool because people wave at them on the highway as we're going down the highway when they see our faces.

And then you also at one point, you one point we were riding and the dog was in the back seat and a little a little you don't have that on the back now, but a little seat thing and the whole time, the dog's just those facing backwards just staring at me.

It was like a little little, tiny, dog's, just looking at me.

What are you doing? Um, that's, great.

Thank you so much for your time and letting us know about this.

This is like the most I posted a couple pictures on instagram about this.

And I think it's got the most comments like, oh, my god, where did they get that? Why did it do that? It is so cool.

I actually keep begging them to take me around in this.

When I was like too tired to ride, my bike I'm, like I it could definitely I could fit in there and sleep.

The whole way do you think a small child could fit in here.

I will tell you the company that makes them says that they test the trailers with people in them.

Really, yeah.

I was just joking.

I thought there'd be some kind of disclaimer to not put your child in here.

Well, you don't really want to, but they do test them that they believe that they're that safe that for their own testing purposes there, which child did they use that was it theirs or some like some neighbors kids that made a lot of noise.

They didn't say, but I would definitely I could see sleep in there anything torn around, maybe maybe you'll.

Take more.

Yeah, when we get back home, you'll take me around, or I can we can take your take me on the tail.

Oh, my god, that'd be so much fun at the taylor dragon.

My view would be from the doggy window.

That'd, be awesome.

Thank you guys so much.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you for sharing.

You guys are awesome and I'll.

See you next time? Bye, guys, hey, you.


How to Trailer Your Dog with a Motorcycle?!? ›

Consult with your vet to ensure that your dog is healthy enough to ride on a motorcycle. Consider the size, weight, breed, and personality of your pooch before you put him on a motorized bike. An 80-pound Great Dane or a skittish toy poodle may not be a good fit for motorcycling.

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Consult with your vet to ensure that your dog is healthy enough to ride on a motorcycle. Consider the size, weight, breed, and personality of your pooch before you put him on a motorized bike. An 80-pound Great Dane or a skittish toy poodle may not be a good fit for motorcycling.

Is it hard to pull a trailer with a motorcycle? ›

If it weighs too much, it has a tendency to drag a motorcycle down and it is difficult to pull. On the other hand, a trailer that does not weigh enough can become very dangerous because it is difficult to control and it may begin to sway all over the place.

Can you carry a dog in a backpack on a motorcycle? ›

Back Seat Bags: we can transport our dog inside the carrying luggage on the back seat, as long as it is a small dog that does not weigh more than 20 lb. Backpack: Several brands on the market have developed backpacks to transport pets that do not exceed 20 lb in weight.

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