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Now finally, recording a video for every Ally ni n, I'm talking manly, man, I want that chocolate fix like I'm, snacking or somethin and I like the way you curve like your bodies from the Ancients of my fenders.

Do you're hurt shake your curse cuz you amazing, you were black.

Queen cuz, I, see you chase your dreams.

They try to hold you down, but his hands above me.

Hey, you guys is jazz.

Welcome back to my channel.

You guys I, don't know what I did anyway.

So Oh Here, I.

Am again, Ron.

It hit tie-wrap I'm.

Looking at this I made my bonnet Danny.

Yeah, Danny I've had this in my hair for at least two days.

It was a cute little button.

Low puff at it's at it at a season, but that season has coming on so let's just get into today's video.

Let me come closer because like we're really about to get in okay, that's better.

So I, don't know, if you guys have ever been on Facebook or I, haven't, really seen on Instagram that much.

But there is this thing called the rug test or the rug challenge, and it sounds like this house, I, don't know, you're thinking, but it's about this edge control I saw this video on Facebook and I.

I freakin fell for it.

It kept popping up on my feed.

It took like maybe six times for me to watch this video for me to purchase this product.

So it's, basically a long lasting edge control.

They clean your search for the perfect edge.

Control is over this lasts up to three to five days before needing to reapply we're gonna stop there what's up there.

My normal edge control is last up to maybe three hours before I need to reapply.

So this is kind of three days, I, don't know, my good says, no more curling up after ten minutes, apply evenly rub until dry or stronger, hold apply a second layer and repeat so I'm going to put up the video here of what got my attention.

And what I was like, okay, I have to try this.

So here's, the video that I saw on Facebook.

So you know, I saw that and I was like I have to try it.

So that's, good just try it.

So I, don't know, if I could try it on my whole head, or if I really should do like one side with this and one side with my regular edge control, but I'm gonna use an unnamed brand on this side and I'm gonna use this coil care and throw into edge control on this side.

So I'm going to put my hair in a high pop off camera, really quick.

And then I'm gonna come back on camera to show you guys the application of this edge control that lasts three to five days, I, don't know, alright.

So put my hair in a bun.

Let me give you guys a before shot of what my edges look like before I, put any product on them.

So I'm gonna get real close to y'all boys.

Alright, so here we are my edges.

Aren't, laying down from a gel, but they're, not late.

You know what I'm saying so back to this product here, I don't, remember, if I said this earlier, but I think I paid $12 for this as opposed to the other brand, which I'm not gonna show you guys real quick.

Okay, that I spent maybe three four five dollars I spent maybe like three four or five dollars for it and I use this one all the time I got this one a month ago and I haven't, I, haven't, tried it because I want to have no initial reaction and really just give you guys a full like first time of whatever so I hope it's, black I, don't know, if it's clear, whatever I'm just find out right now.

Oh, it is black.

I I I really really, really, didn't know, it was gonna be black.

So this is what it looks like on the inside like I said, I have not even I have not touched.

It I have not used it.

Well, it's pretty thick.

Oh it's, not black it's, clear, actually, it's black in here, but it's clear on my finger.


Okay, yeah.

How do they do that maybe's? Because is it because the bottles work is that what it is? Okay, I'm.

An idiot.

I have my handy-dandy toothbrush.

But what I've been doing lately is taking gel or edge tamer and like taking a gulp of it, put it on my hand and first smoothing it back to get my whole head together.

So I'm gonna use the other brand the other guys first and like I said, this is my favorite edge control.

So if you know what I'm talking about that's good for you, but if not sorry, sis, I mean, I favor brand first and slide that back, you can already like see the difference between like that slick lave, look.

And like, you know, you don't say, it's, okay, you don't have to see it all right.

So I'm, really not the best at doing my edges.

But you know just doing what she can do so that's that fun and then I'm gonna try this.

So the texture is not as stiff or thick as the other brand texture that I'm using it feels a lot softer.

Actually so I'm kind of.


This is way softer.

So I'm really intrigued to see the hold, oh, the hold is good.


The hold is good.

The hold is fantastic.

Wow that hold is crazy.

Now this is very on my head.

Yikes, that's, crazy.


So let's do it these edges? So this is what this side is looking like right now.

Anyway, we're not gonna talk about the design, but we're just gonna focus on the hold.


Why am I so close to the camera? Okay, let's move back before I do the little rub test or whatever I'm gonna set my edges with my scarf for like 10 or 15 minutes like I always do.

This is nothing new so I'm gonna set this really quick I want to give both sides a chance to set now I'm, not even gonna try the rub, the rub test or would rub challenge or whatever on this side, because this by edge control, never claims just to lift through no rub challenge like I've, never heard of that before we're gonna be fair.

Okay, but this buy it claim too.

You can put your finger like this on it and it's, not moving.

So we're gonna see and it's supposedly supposed to last three to five days, but we're gonna see how long it lasts I'm gonna come back and we're gonna do our little rub test, and then I'm gonna come back later today to show you both sides, we'll, get there when we get there so I'll be back.

Okay, you guys so it's been about 30 minutes and I let my hair, sit and bake underneath this scarf here.

So we're gonna take it off and see what we have going on.

Okay? So, yeah, my edges.

Look, good, that's, great and all.

But like is it gonna pass the rough test is it gonna pass the rough test? Uh, like a part of me, doesn't even want to do it because I don't want to mess up my edges for no reason.

But according to the video, there was always and the edges, didn't, move so mess up my hair, all right.

We're gonna come close.

Take my finger, oh, hey, I mean, not bad I feel like I did mess it up a little bit, but I'm, not even gonna try that with this side of my hair, um I, think the whole rub cleanse thing was a little exaggerated because it did move a little bit.

But what I'm more not wanting to see is if my hair is going to last for the rest of the day, let alone three to five days.

So I'm gonna go about my day right now, it's like 2:45, p.m.

So I'm gonna come back to you guys in a few hours, maybe like before I go to bed or something when I get back home from running around and we're gonna see I can already see that this side is literally rising already, but it's.

Okay, get one more last look of what it looks like right now, both sides and we're, just gonna come back later and see what's the hype I spent like 12 13 dollars on this thing.

So, you know, we're gonna see I'll be back later to show you guys what I'm looking like, but I mean, so far is my bad, I'm, feeling, good.

Okay, guys.

So it's, not a clock.


I, went and went about my day with my edges and I mean, y'all can really see what's going on here like this is the side of the expense, a touch control.

What is it called? Again, I don't, really know, our Connie Cowell care and throne edges.

Long-Lasting edge control.

Hashtag broke challenge, it's, Phil, it's, still, literally in place like it has not moved now sis over here.

You know, she's, not doing as well.

You couldn't, see, she's still there, but she's, not there there, you know what and actually I am now that it's dry this rug challenge is actually it's.

Pretty it's pretty legit.

You know, the only thing I'm gonna do now is see if it lasts me until tomorrow morning, if it's still nice in select tomorrow morning so far it's doing what it said, it was gonna do, and the fact that it's still on my head and in formation in place, hasn't moved a muscle like I, I, I'm, pretty breath, you know, but yeah, so we will reconvene tomorrow morning and see how it's doing y'all have a good night.

Okay, guys.

So it's.

The next morning, the birds are chirping.

The kids are screaming.

And here we are.

So all I want to do is just take this off to see if my edges are still intact.

I haven't looked my thing has slid back a little bit.

So I can kind of see up here looks like it's still together.

But we're just gonna see how together I mean, it's, not the worst it's, definitely it definitely held up way better than this side bit it's, not snatched anymore.

But I think it did a really good job for the price that I paid.

It had better held up a little bit better, but it's definitely way better than my preferred edge control, not calling any names, not calling any names.

We need these sponsorships this.

We do for anyone who has a hard time letting their edges I would definitely recommend this edge control for like the tenth time.

What is it called arc, Arcanine, Arcana ground, a coil care and throwing edges, long lasting edge, control.

Sorry, I, love.

You guys and I'll.

See you in my next video you.



Whereas gels are water based and mostly used to define texture and smooth, edge Controls typically resemble pomades and provides firmer hold to your hairline. Designed to resist sweat and humidity, they keep your edges smooth, shiny, and sculpted.

What is the difference between hair gel and edge control? ›

Whereas gels are water based and mostly used to define texture and smooth, edge Controls typically resemble pomades and provides firmer hold to your hairline. Designed to resist sweat and humidity, they keep your edges smooth, shiny, and sculpted.

Does Edge Control dry out your hair? ›

But as much as edge control may help to give hair a more uniform look, a lot of them can actually wreak havoc on the delicate strands around your hairline. Unfortunately, many traditional formulas contain a lot of alcohol, which can dry out hair and lead to breakage.

What is edge control for black hair? ›

More specifically, edge control gel is a type of hair care product you use to keep your beautiful baby hairs smoothed down, allowing you to achieve perfectly sleek edges.

Which is the best gel to lay edges? ›

I've Tried Almost Every Edge Control Product Going—These 6 Actually Work
  • Ruka Hair. Hold Me Down Edge Gel. ...
  • Keracare. Wax Stick. ...
  • Mielle Organics. Rosemary Mint Edge Gel. ...
  • Carol's Daughter. Black Vanilla Edge Control Smoothe. ...
  • Pattern. Strong Hold Gel. ...
  • Schwarzkopf. Got2b Glued 4 Brows & Edges 2 in 1 Vegan Gel. ...
  • Pattern. Edge Tool. ...
  • Kitsch.
Mar 1, 2023

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