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What's good y'all, welcome back to my channel.

And if you're new welcome, of course, today, we're going to be testing out what might be the best edge control ever 44c.

The four top community, duh.

So I'm gonna jump right into it and tell you guys what two products I got.

I got these two edge.

Controls one is like, um, like a paste the snot which hence, the name unicorns, not.

So one is called unicorn.


I can't speak one is called unicorn snot.

And the other is just a regular edge control and it's.

By the brands.

I am blessed hands.

So guys, I can't lie and tell you guys, I didn't use this before because I definitely use this.

But I want to show you guys what this is about, and whether or not you should get this.

So today, we're going to be definitely leaving this on from now to when I come back.

And I can tell you guys whether or not you should go grab that because we're trying to see if we can turn this these edges into something else.


So let's get started.



So these are my edges.

Yes, yes.

These are my edges.

And before I apply my edges guys, I put my oil.

So we always got to get our oil rub that into our edges into the back of our edges, because you know we got to pay attention to the back of our heads, too great.

What I start with is the unicorn snot and where's, my brush, here's my brush.

So I start with my unicorn snot, guys.

And I just want you guys to see how this is because this really sleeks like look at it like look at that.

So I go, and I use the unicorn snot around the whole perimeter of my head.

And then I follow that up with the edge control because I like to, and I want to get that in first I hope this is my baby you're like damn.

Okay, no, curling, no curling.

And I don't use a lot because I don't want it to flake.

I don't want it to do anything.

I mean, it doesn't flake from the past where I have used it, but I definitely don't overdo it because I do equal.

I do always go over it with the gel get this side all right get the pan here damn because my baby hairs are like long.

Okay, all right just put it down this way that cause my baby.

Hairs are huge.

I look like we're going for a swim.

I usually put my my edge control like before.

I put my makeup on, but because I'm rushing, and I have somewhere to go.

You won't, get it with the makeup I'm, putting it on with the makeup on.

So oh well, but hopefully no makeup gets in my hair, because I really hate that I feel like that's so gross, I don't know why I don't like that my edges, right here, look nasty.

So now that I have my unicorn snot on I'm gonna follow that up with the edge control and this edge control.

If I haven't mentioned it before is called the enchanted water superior edges, extra hold so over that with this and it's hot outside y'all.

So y'all gonna get the real real all right? Y'all I'm, not gonna lie.

We not lying out here.


So I have been like trying to refrain from using the edge brush.

But I am really really like gentle when it comes to my edges, because these brushes are known to pull out your hair.

And I feel like in the past.

There was a lot of my hair because I would kind of like pick at it and like comb it out with a little tiny comb.

And I will see a lot of hair and it's known to take off your edges.

And my edges have honestly been growing back really really well.

So we don't want that we don't want to go back to boldina.

We don't want that let's see if we can do a little trick there, no that's available all right.

So these are my edges, y'all and we're going to put a head scarf over it tie that down and I'm gonna show you guys as soon as I'm gonna take like five minutes.

Take it off show you guys how that looks and boom, I got this little band to hold down your edges from solely's corner shop that shopback shop that I'm gonna put that down below because that's my booze brand.

And if you want the best bonnets, the best hair ties, the best do rags, the best lashes all of that shop at solely's corner.


And this really does come in clutch.

Because honestly, I always have to like fold up a hair scarf, or something just to put something over it just to hold it down.

And honestly, sometimes it's a lot of work and it's annoying.

So half the time I don't want to so come on now get with it all right.

So, because I have to be out I'm going to show you guys my edges now, slickiana slicky on them, right now, it's, still a little wet, still a little tacky.

So I'm gonna let this dry I'm gonna go out come back to y'all and show y'all the state of my edges.

Afterwards, don't, forget, don't, forget her.

She has an instagram page and everything it's called solely's beauty corner, beauty corner.

If I said, solely corner, solely's beauty corner, okay, all bonnets do rags.

Lashes all of that.

Look at it.

Look at it.

Look at that.

This is so cute.

Look at it.

I even have a bonnet myself it's, beautiful, it's, just like if you want different styles and everything that's that's that's, where you need to be getting your stuff talk to you guys later, hey, guys.

So I'm back and it's been a long day to be honest, it's like two o'clock in the morning.

And I think I applied my edge control around four, no, maybe like three it's, honestly, still, intact, y'all and okay.

I'm rubbing hard.

I know, I removed the lashes because you know when the liquid getting you, the lashes get open.

You get crazy.

I'm just fine.

Now I wasn't getting crazy.

My lashes was coming off.

So I just tore it off edge control, stupid.


It looks good.

My overall opinion is that.

So my overall opinion is that batch control is really good.

I feel like because the combo between the snot and the actual edge control that's.

Why my edges are like stuck stuff.

And I would definitely use it over and over again, like I think I can go back to something else like I feel like I can't go anywhere.

I look at this yawn, okay.

And I didn't, even like, honestly, I didn't even apply the edge control.

The way that I regularly would only because my braids are getting a little like frizzy and loose.

So it isn't as fleet out as it should be, but it's complete and it's still here.


And I I sweat a little.

I did sweat a little today.

It was a little hot.

It wasn't a little high.

It was actually like what 82 degrees.

But if y'all want me to test it in some of my real, nasty, fire, sweaty, disgusting, sticky weather.

I will do that.

But overall really good edge control, really good it's, not what is that what what else you call that like? What would you call gorilla? Snot, unicorns, not like just not.

Thank you guys for watching I'm going to take this makeup off.

Take a shower, get ready for bed and love, you guys and stay tuned for my next video.

And everything is going to be down below so like share subscribe and catch my next video.


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Edge Booster

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