The REAL REASON Shipt Shoppers Aren't Getting Orders!!! (2023)



When Shipt Shoppers aren't getting any orders offered, it makes it hard to make money on Shipt and really impacts Shipt shopper pay. Nobody ever talks about the real reason Shipt shoppers aren't getting any orders nowadays. There are actually multiple reasons Shipt shoppers aren't getting the amount of orders they expect, and some Shipt shoppers may be not receiving orders for multiple reasons. In this video, I explore all of the real reasons Shipt Shoppers aren't getting any orders!

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In this video I'm going to discuss the real reason, why ship shoppers aren't getting any orders? So after your first 10 orders are shipped, it goes by whatever your rating is on that point.

Now if you're within your first 10 orders on ship basically get treated like a five-star ship shopper, you may get orders from people that are preferred customers for other members.

You may get orders that are member matches with other shoppers you'll actually, be offered those orders.

Uh before the long time shop will be offered those orders.

So if you're in a metro that's actively recruiting a lot of ship shoppers and you're, somebody that's passed those first 10 orders.

Basically, the orders in your market may be going to those people that are new ship shoppers, even if they're your preferred customer, even if you're a regular of that customer, even if you have a member match, even if you have a perfect five star 100 on time, rating it doesn't matter.

The first two orders for a new shopper, they get prioritized.

So that might be one of the reasons that you're not getting any orders on shift in your market, but you know your market better than me.

And if that's not the reason, then maybe it's reason number two, even if you're after those first 10 orders, and you have a 5 star, 100 rating well, there's likely more experienced shoppers in your market that have more preferred customers and member matches for the majority of those shoppers in your market that's.

The one thing about shipt, it does favor the rich getting richer or the more experienced shoppers.

Because the way that orders are offered is that they go to the preferred shoppers.

First, they go to the member matches, and then they go to all the other five-star rating.

So if you don't have a five-star rating, or even if you do you're, still, potentially, the third level when it comes to getting that offer ordered when it comes to getting the offer when it comes to getting that order offered to you that being said, you don't think that's.

The reason you're not getting the orders.

And you think it might be something on the ship side of things you might be right.

One thing that a lot of people aren't aware of is that ship actually prefers to stack orders.

What that means is that ships will hold orders, not offer them to people that are available and willing to shop them and they'll, hold them closer to the time.

They need to be accepted right before they go on promo, uh, basically, because they want to stack their order whenever possible shift is going to take two orders and make them into one, thereby making fewer orders available for waiting shoppers and then b.

And then they pair that with an order for a long time customer who then gets offered to somebody who has a member match with them or they're a preferred customer of.

And therefore, those two orders go to that spirit, shopper versus somebody that's, waiting, especially if you had like an early okay, designation on it.

So now, the next reason why you might not be getting enough orders on shipped is that you have a fake five-star rating a lot of people don't know this, but shipped has automatic rating forgiveness for your lowest rating once you're past 50 shops.

So you haven't gotten that 50, then you don't have your lowest rating for given yet.

My experience is that when I had a false five-star rating, I noticed I didn't get as many order offers now, shipped.

They may say, it's, just the same.

But my experience tells me a different story.

If you're somebody who's been that same situation, let me know in the comments below did you notice a difference from when you had a perfect 55 star rating versus when you had a false five star rating so that's just my experience.

But another reason that you might not be getting any orders on ships before I get to the next reason if you're getting value from this video do me a favor hit that like button.

If you want to see more content like this be sure to hit that subscribe button as well without further ado, let's jump back into the content with the next reason, you might not be getting any orders on ship your market.

Just sucks.

It might be your market composition.

You might have a lot of desperate shoppers who are just sitting there out of the order sniping.

You might have too many experienced shoppers in your market.

So they're, always, you know, member matching and preferred and being offered to all those others before they come to you, or you could be a market that just is not really developing right now.

It doesn't have a lot of new customers you're, not getting a lot of opportunities to get new customers to make new member matches being that first member match with that new customer.

This might not be something that's in the cards for you could just be your unfortunate market composition.

And of course, in these cases, I hope you're multi-apping making money other ways and then last, but not least the final reason that you might not be getting any orders in your market is your rating.

And now I don't like the victim blame because there's a lot of times when you're unfairly rated low, you might have put in for reigning forgiveness and you're, still waiting for that ready forgiveness to come back.

And once again, when it comes to ship preferreds member matches perfect, fives, false fives.

Everybody else long story short, your rating, you know, that might be the reason now in order to keep and get a five-star rating there's, a lot of things that I do a lot of things with communication, a lot of things with documentation I'm consistently applying for writing forgiveness.

And because of that, all the times that I've been doing ships, I've been rated over 400 times, and I know, I have less than four one ratings and I'll put it right here.

I don't know what all the numbers are, but long story short, whatever these numbers are if you want me to make a video about how I consistently get five star ratings when doing ships and rarely get ratings less than a five and doing ship then like this video get it to like, I don't know, 75 100 likes something like that.

In the meantime, if you want to learn the mistakes, you should avoid in order to keep a five star rating on a ship then watch this video.



How does Shipt decide who gets an order? ›

Shoppers are sorted based on their performance stats and previous ratings from members to find the best pairings. If a member is paired with a shopper, then they automatically move to the start of the list for that member's order.

What happens if I drop too many Shipt orders? ›

If you drop more than two orders, your Delivery Only certification will be revoked. Since I am not delivering to Shipt members, will my AR still be monitored? hour that you're on the schedule.

How do I increase my Shipt acceptance rate? ›

Increasing your acceptance rate is slightly difficult, but you can do it. Here are a few ways you can increase your Shipt acceptance rate. Take any orders offered to you regardless of the money you will make. When the order is offered, claim it within the designated time frame.

Does Shipt pay for Cancelled orders? ›

The Shipt spokesperson told The Hill that the low fees were an error and that the company will now set a baseline payment of $5 dollars per canceled order. She also said the company will pay drivers $5 if they were previously paid a smaller amount for a canceled order.

Can you get kicked off Shipt? ›

Once you are registered, you can begin shopping with Shipt. Shoppers can get deactivated from the service if they have too many orders that need to be delivered properly or returned to the store in enough time.

What are the busiest days for Shipt? ›

Also, there were days where I would put myself on the schedule to do shops and wouldn't get a single shop during the time I was scheduled. Friday through Monday are the busy days with Sunday afternoon/evening being the busiest time.

How to be successful with Shipt? ›

To Maximize Your Earnings as a Shipt Shopper, Follow These Tips:
  1. Know what you're shopping for and where it's located in the store. Preview your list ahead of time to get an idea of what you'll be looking for. ...
  2. Provide excellent customer service. ...
  3. Work on Sundays and Mondays.
Apr 2, 2023

What happens when you do 30 orders on Shipt? ›

Once you begin delivering for Shipt, you should make it a goal to get to 30 trips as quickly as possible. After completing your first 30 shops, Shipt then sends you a Graduation Pack. A Graduation Pack includes two more shirts and a cooler bag. Shipt will give you a promo code after your 30th shop.

Does Shipt penalize you for declining orders? ›

If you accept and attempt to shop, but if you can't complete it on time you are penalized being late, even though it's Shipts fault they should have pushed the delivery window an hour later. If you decline the order, you are penalized for not accepting the order.

Is it bad to be late on Shipt? ›

If the order is large, if some items are out of stock, or if traffic is heavy, the order could be late. Shipt shoppers who deliver orders late will have a lower on-time percentage. Consistently late deliveries will eventually mean deactivation from Shipt.

Do Shipt shoppers know if you don't tip? ›

Yes, Shipt shoppers can see that you tipped them on the app. They can also see the amount of the tip.

Can Shipt customers request a shopper? ›

Because shoppers have the flexibility to choose when and where they shop with Shipt, you are unable to select a specific shopper to complete your order. However, if you have a stellar experience with a shopper, rating them 5 stars in the app will give you the option to add them as a preferred shopper!

Does Shipt encourage tipping? ›

Tips are not required but are greatly appreciated. If you choose to tip, you can add a tip when placing your order by choosing a preselected or custom amount. You may also tip in cash or within the app after you receive your delivery. No matter which method you choose, 100% of your tip will go to the shopper.

How many times can you apply for Shipt shopper? ›

Don't fret! There is no need to sign up a second time for another area (we currently don't accept second sign ups anyway). When assessing our needs, we take your surrounding areas into consideration as well! If we have a spot available in an area near you, we will contact you immediately.

Why I didn't receive my order? ›

First, contact the seller. Most businesses will work with you to resolve the problem and keep you as a customer. If that doesn't work, you still didn't get your order and the charge shows up on your credit card statement, dispute the charge.

Is there a problem with the Shipt app? ›

Current Shipt status is UP.

Why am i not getting dash orders? ›

One of the most obvious yet common reasons you're getting zero DoorDash orders is because you're not actually scheduled and logged in for a Dash. If you're doing DoorDash for the first time, this is a pretty easy mistake to make.

Why am i getting no orders on instacart? ›

You may be seeing a low customer order volume on your Instacart account. This means there is a lack of customers in your area. You should check out the heat map on your Instacart Shopper mobile app to improve your order volume. The heat map shows the areas in your region where more batches are available.

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