These ORDERS are all TRASH‼️ Should I QUIT Gig Work? Why Am I Getting All The BAD Orders? #foryou (2023)


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Ride Along with me 🚗 while I make Money💰 with Multiple Gig Apps. I use/have used DoorDash, UberEats, InstaCart, Roadie, Point Pickup, GrubHub, GoPuff, Spark, Shipt, DeliverThat, DLIVRD, Dropoff Medical Courier App, Frayt, GoShare, Dispatch It, Curri, Bungii, Taskr, Metrobi, Dolly, Veho, and Amazon Flex.
I want to show you what it is like, what to expect, how to accept and complete orders as well as how much money you can make doing Gig Work.

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Smash that subscribe button, give me a thumbs up and do not skip Those ads in today's video, I'm gonna do nothing, but one and complain the whole video we're gonna start off with this first off.

We don't got no orders.


Look I'ma, tell you this.

We ain't got no orders.

Look I'ma.

Tell you what happened right yesterday.

We had two orders on this best.

The worst orders I've ever had in my life.

Worst orders I ever had.

They won't answer to take 13 panels, 6.4 miles for 42 dollars for 42 dollars.

And then we had another one.

And the other one was 21 panels, 14.3 miles for 56.39.

Only thing they talking who did they playing with.

So we had them two orders right? And then guess what we get to driving home right? I'm, driving home, I'm, riding around I'm running wrong, but I ain't, getting it I'm running around right? Guess? What I was trying to pull up and get that cheese? But guess what happened? We took the order.

The order was to IHOP.

It was a thousand and a fifty dollar order drive at 4.8 miles for 155.


So guess what I said hold on one second, look at this, we just got this.

We just got this card on here.

We got cargo van what we need a car for look at this man, look so back to what I was saying.

So we got to deliver order I picked up the diva order right? I accepted it right? Guess? Next thing you know, I'm thinking.

So we got the dispatch order we're supposed to pick up the liver order at 6, 20 in the morning.

(Video) These ORDERS are all TRASH‼️ Should I QUIT Gig Work? Why Am I Getting All The BAD Orders? #foryou

And we supposed to pick up the dispatch orders at 6, 30 in the morning.

So we can't do both so I'm like okay, cool guess what? I'm a castle? Dispatch order cause they'll be bad.

Anyway, right? So I'll.

Cancel them right? Next thing.

You know, guess what deliver cancer? My order they cancel.

My order man.

So now we don't have no orders.

We don't have no money.

They cancel the order and I'll.

Text them I'm like what's going on what's going on daughter anytime, awesome, the customer canceled it.

So now we have zero orders.

Then we ride around.

We can't this morning.

We come over here to someone try to get some orders, but we can't get no orders because Jerome got all these new drivers up here, taking all the orders making all the money.

He got all the new drivers up here.

And we can't make no money.

And you know what else they did.

He made this best Lord and pay on us too that's.

The reason why we ain't getting no orders that's, the reason why right there.

So then as we ride around, and we ain't getting it right? Because we ain't getting nothing guess what it is.

Bungee I already know, it's gonna be bad already.

So boom, right.


Look at the order.

They want me to go to pick up.

1960 pounds is two pallets.

Both of them weighs 1960 pounds.

48 by 48 by 30 right towel towels, I know, that's how heavy right, y'all would not believe how much they want to play for one pallet.

They want to pay 47.86.

They ain't enough, put money in the gas tank, I don't, even know why? And then when I get there, guess what I'm about to do unloaded so I'm like no I'm, not taking that worm? So then after that, guess, what happened Monday first off you out of pocket for that? Then we get another bunch of order I.

Look at it right? I'm like.

Okay, cool.

This is not that bad.

But it ain't that good either.

They want us to pick up 50 pounds of rock towel of Durock get that and drop 16.5 miles for 48.96 I'm like okay, cool.

But they got two orders.

So for 48.96, 248, 96's, that's gonna be 92.

So guess what I do I text, Bungie, right? But you need to stop playing with me, too I'ma say, this Bungie, you need to stop playing games with me.


Text, Bungie I, send him a picture because that's what they told me this before sit on the picture, and they gonna see what they can do I said, I could take both pallets.

(Video) WWYD?? Working GIG App Orders In My Cargo Van! There Are Still Some GOOD ORDERS!! #foryou #business

It looks like one ordersfield so I'm like.

So now y'all want me to go get this 50 pound, I gotta drive all the way to Tinley Park drop 16.5 miles to Countryside for 48 I'm, not doing it.

So I told him, okay, Please Release, Me, From.

The one I took guess what now mind you I.

Text, the match seven on one at 701.

Thanks again.

Please text me Ashley looks like the driver is removed.

Would you like both Bungie? What are you playing with me? Dude? Why is you playing with me? This is what I be talking about man, it's all because of wrong and wrong.

One never made that YouTube channel and did all this stuff.

We would not have none of these problems.

He only telling everybody on all these apps ain't messing up my money.

Now that you heard all that complaining, I just did I just want to let you guys know this I'll be seeing all the comments you guys, right? A lot of y'all do a lot of complaining.

I'm just started I'm, look, I'm, Gonna, Keep, GB, because you know, I'm, keeping G real with you a lot of y'all do a lot of complaining and that's.

The reason why I made this video because that's exactly how y'all sound, y'all always blame.

Everybody else for the reasons why you're not making no money, but it's, really your fault.

You have to make adjustments in this game.

That's, just this goes with it.

If it's not working over here, you gotta move over here.

Complaining is not going to change anything all that complaining.

I just did I still ended up with the same result.

Nothing we still ain't got no orders, but we do got the one bungee order, but other than that we don't have any orders complaining is not going to do anything, and you have to stop doing that, because you get out what you put in if you give up negativity you're going to get negativity and you're going to continue to go down this slow, slippery slope.

You've got this Slide, the slide and slide.

It just become negative and negative and negative.

And then you become a cancer to other people, you're always negative, you becoming one to everybody else.

And then guess what now they negative.

Not just a whole bunch of people negative people just wandering around being negative.

A lot of y'all are in bad situations and I understand life is hard baby.

It get real I understand and get real, but you have to push through and stop complaining and start maintaining now we're about to go ahead and do our thing change.

Your plans baby.

We are no longer doing the bungee order.

We are trying to get an order.

We ain't got time to play games we're trying to do our thing we have a pickup from Hell get gas.

We are picking up three helium cylinders, driving 140.3 miles for 274.06.

We are returning in the mixing gas.

What baby this is our first inside delivery, which means we have to had a dolly We're, Gonna Roll, these joists right in so we can get these dividends let's go.

We are here at the pickup location for those who hate we're gonna keep on skating I, don't know where to go ain't, nobody in this time.

Oh, hello, hey, how you guys doing I have a pickup for on a on dispatch to go to, um the floor department and Elkhart Indiana they're moving down the street literally, yeah, is he taking the case? Yeah, how many are you taking? It says, three items, I think, it's, three, um.

So question for you, when I get there what's, the easiest way to load a world, unload them just put them on a dollar.

They can fit right on Dolly just roll it right in you're gonna why don't you pull around back and I'll talk to you about it.

Okay, um, pick any Dock and just pull up to it.

(Video) UberEats Deactivated Me For NO Reason! One Day After Doordash Deactivation! 😡😆✌️#NoTipNoTrip

What do you have? Do you have a truck a van a van? Okay, um.

Then by the stairs, yeah, pull up to another step by the stairs.

Okay, over there.

All right.

Thank you guys very much.

We're gonna lay it here? Oh, okay.

Now what I would do let's go here, um, bring that cord around the top of the tank and just pull it.

No, no just pull it down towards like your review here like this go underneath it, though, yeah, and now what I want to do? And then what we'll do is we'll pull this down here and we'll try to get the next tank on top of here.

And then the next thing that we'll kind of wrap them around, oh, okay.




See it game time? Baby guess what baby as we will run around and get it? This popped up, y'all see it? We got another one.

We got another order on dispatch.

The pickup place is The, Tile, Shop, we're, picking up, 40 items, driving 61.7 miles for two 1906.

We are here in the mix.

And if you hate you a b, so just so you guys know dispatch had us doing a zigzag.

We were here.

They had us going here here here, I restarted, this message, let them know we ain't doing here.

Here, we're gonna go here here here, that's, what we're doing we're here at the towel shop, You're, Gonna, Keep on because of this money, we ain't stopping let's go just like that.

We are here at the township how you doing boss you Kyle, yes, sir I just talked to you on the phone you're right on time.

Um, you said, what was the name what's your name? My name is Jerome nice to meet you pal, nice for sure.


So I have a question for you.

It doesn't tell me the address on this one.

It just says, Lakeshore, Drive.

It doesn't have the numbers.

And another question is this going to a house or a store so I have to unload it.


Thank you.

Thank you I was trying to give I was trying to get it to get out it's.

Okay, though we are in for alone everything.

But we got to do what we got to do to get this green.

This is not that bad right here.

But we got some other stuff, that's, super heavy.

Guess? What? I love thing I've got to tell you it's, two pounds, too I'm, starting to tell y'all I'm too bad.

And just like that, we got everything strapped in it's time for us to get it in let's go.

And we are here at the drop-off location for those who hate me, don't, keep on skating being great.

Both these right quick.

I, just want you to know, though I'm 78 years old, that's, what I need a break here really, yep, 78., I'm gonna have a great life? Huh? Oh, yeah.

(Video) I Think This GIG APP Is A Waste Of My Time!! Is This The END Of DOORDASH For Me? #foryou

It seems like I'm 66.

You said, six and look what he's doing all the freaking work.

This feels like it's out of the box of salt I was broke I have to get my phone to take a photo.

Okay, horsey gonna try to blame me for even though I have no help broke itself.

It was the last one on the pallet I'm gonna take this picture hit him with a photo smacked.

We got that and then I'll just put your name Bob is that? Okay, yeah.



And if you just sign really fast, where is it you just, yeah, just use your finger up here.

Right? Turn it right here.

This time, right there there you go.

Oh, you got some nice handwriting.


You still got it all right? It's, nice to meet you guys.

Thank you.

You have a good one, dude, yes, sir and just like that.

We are here to drop off these helium containers.

These these helium cylinders, baby it's been a long ride, but it's time for us to slide.

You know, we gonna Glide all right? Okay.

So this is the the front door is the only way to get back here.

Correct? Yeah.


I have a few more to bring too so well, a couple more I'll be back again, clap again.

And this right here, let's see what's up foreign like for Mother's Day.

You know, how many balloons I had to blow up I'm in six? Yeah, I could use.

This are you serious? Right? What you just gave me will last me all the year? Wow, that's.

Crazy, it's, just like that.

It is the end of the video I.

Hope you guys enjoy the content do not forget baby.

Stop all that complaining.

It is not going to change anything all you gotta do is keep on growing it.

So you can get that green I could be complaining about this look I could be complaining about all this traffic traffic, looking for my Chapstick there's, a four man I could be playing on that.

We just got back to Illinois.

And it was an accident up here somewhere in this traffic everywhere.

But we ain't complaining we maintain it we'll, keep on doing our thing.

And guess what else we'll keep on doing getting this changed I.

Hope you guys enjoyed this video again, if you're not scrapped go on with my subscribe button.

Give me thumbs up and do not skip those ass like it's Marco's glasses.

Man, why we can message back the Toy Story 3, the Big Bang season we'll, keep on give a reason I'll, see you guys on the next one because we're going before you already know the cdk and I'm on my way.


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