Unleashing the Can-Am Ryker Rally Edition: A Revolution in Three-Wheeled Thrills (2023)


Discovering the allure of the open road without the constraints of a motorcycle license has long been a tantalizing dream for many. The Can-Am Ryker, a half-rice, half-chips alternative to traditional bikes, emerges as a compelling option, promising the thrill without the licensing hurdles. With its distinct design and accessibility for car license holders, the Ryker aims to redefine the riding experience.

Design and Features

The Can-Am Ryker boasts a futuristic aesthetic, blending car-like double wishbone suspension with motorbike-inspired elements. The Rally Edition, with added off-road features, exudes a rugged appeal. Its 82hp 900cc Rotax triple engine, part of the Bombardier Recreational Vehicles family, propels the Ryker with power, while the CVT gearbox, Eco, and Sport modes offer a versatile and dynamic riding experience.

Riding Experience

Simplicity defines the Ryker's controls, eliminating the need for a clutch or gear selection. With a twist of the grip, you accelerate, and a single pedal ensures a smooth stop. The entry-level CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) introduces riders to the basics, emphasizing the intuitive controls. However, the automatic clutch's unexpected engagement adds an element of surprise, setting the stage for a unique riding encounter.

Handling and Performance

Navigating the Ryker requires a nuanced understanding of weight distribution, especially on roundabouts. The Rally Mode, designed for off-road excursions, unveils the Ryker's potential for controlled drifts, showcasing its stability and handling prowess. The CVT gearbox keeps the engine in its mid-range, providing ample acceleration and overtaking capabilities.

Comparison and Verdict

Weighing in at 285kg dry, the Ryker competes admirably with traditional motorcycles. Its quick acceleration and open-air speed deliver an exciting experience, particularly for car drivers seeking a transition into the world of three-wheeled vehicles. While the Ryker may not replace the allure of traditional two-wheeled motorcycles for seasoned bikers, its blend of speed, safety features, and accessibility positions it as a compelling option for enthusiasts and newcomers alike.


The Can-Am Ryker Rally Edition emerges as a formidable contender in the world of three-wheeled vehicles. Its innovative design, user-friendly controls, and dynamic performance make it a viable option for those seeking the thrill of the road without the traditional licensing barriers. Whether cruising through town or navigating gravel tracks, the Ryker proves to be more than a novelty, offering a genuine and exhilarating riding experience.


  • Engine: 900cc 3-cyl
  • Transmission: CVT with reverse
  • Power: 82hp @ 8,000rpm
  • Torque: 58.3 lb-ft @ 6,500rpm
  • Weight: 285kg (dry)
  • Price: £11,399

In the realm of three-wheeled vehicles, the Can-Am Ryker stands as a testament to innovation, bridging the gap between cars and motorcycles, and inviting enthusiasts to embark on a new era of riding excitement.

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