Unveiling the Intricacies of the Immortal Sects' Desperate Battle (2023)


In the tumultuous realm of the Upper Realm, the clash between the Immortal Sects has reached a crescendo, with Chapter 340-2 narrating a strategic move that adds complexity to the already intense power play. Gu Changge, representing the Ancient Immortal Gu Family, showcases a shrewd approach, opting to 'borrow a knife to kill people.' This calculated move is driven by the delicate balance of power dynamics and the need to avoid arousing the jealousy of other Dao lineages.

The Rise of Ancient Immortal Gu Family

The Ancient Immortal Gu Family emerges as a formidable force, revealing its edge in the ongoing conflict. Gu Changge, aware of the potential repercussions of excessive arrogance, opts for a strategic maneuver. The narrative suggests that a direct, forceful approach might trigger resentment among fellow Dao lineages. Gu Changge's decision to 'borrow a knife' reflects a nuanced understanding of the intricate political landscape.

Calculated Moves: Gu Changge's Strategy

In the chessboard of power, Gu Changge's strategy involves leveraging existing rivalries and alliances. The careful consideration of potential consequences underscores the depth of his tactical acumen. By choosing a subtle, indirect method, Gu Changge aims to eliminate threats while minimizing collateral damage. This calculated approach is a testament to the complexity of power dynamics within the Upper Realm.

The Relative Significance of Chu Hao

In the grand scheme of this intricate power play, Chu Hao's role is explored. Despite his background being perceived as inferior to Zi Yang Heavenly King, Chu Hao's status as the Son of Luck adds a layer of complexity. Gu Changge, in a pragmatic move, delays dealing with Chu Hao until his full potential is realized. This narrative thread introduces an element of suspense, as Chu Hao and Qin Wuya stand ready for their eventual roles in the unfolding drama.

The Impending Storm: Vermilion Bird Ancient Kingdom

Gu Changge's meticulous planning extends beyond the immediate conflict. The narrative hints at his involvement in the destruction of the Vermilion Bird Ancient Kingdom. The impending clash with the angry Purple Mansion sets the stage for a logical progression in the storyline. Gu Changge's anticipation of Purple Mansion's vicious response adds a touch of intrigue, leaving readers pondering the depths of his foresight.

Tang Wan's Enigmatic Journey

Parallel to the main conflict, Tang Wan's secretive visit to Gu Changge introduces a subplot that adds emotional complexity. Chu Hao's internal struggle, fueled by suspicions and concerns about Tang Wan's loyalty, provides a human element amidst the grand narrative. The uncertainty surrounding Tang Wan's motives creates a layer of tension, adding emotional depth to the unfolding events.

The Unfolding Drama: Ancient Xuanwu Kingdom's Response

The Ancient Xuanwu Kingdom, closely monitoring Gu Changge's actions, experiences a shift in dynamics. The King of the Ancient Xuanwu Kingdom finds relief as Gu Changge's departure alleviates fears of entanglement in the conflict. The narrative captures the collective sigh of relief within the Ancient Xuanwu Kingdom, highlighting the ripple effects of Gu Changge's maneuvers on surrounding territories.


As the narrative unfolds, the intricate web of alliances, rivalries, and calculated moves takes center stage in Chapter 340-2. Gu Changge's strategic brilliance, coupled with the evolving roles of key characters, promises a riveting continuation of the Immortal Sects' desperate battle. The narrative's depth and complexity make it a compelling read for enthusiasts of intricate power dynamics within the Upper Realm.

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